How to help your child to settle in new school #momology

When we change our workplace/home, It’s painful to undergo the transition and we need time to adjust and adapt the change. Similarly changing school is the toughest transition for children. For children, school is their own sweet world and leaving their friends is a painful thing. Because of parents work commitments, other unavoidable things children may have to change their schools. After changing the school they may miss their old friends, teachers, and campus. If you are planning to change your child’s school then try to make this transition smooth for them and you. Here is the list to help your children to settle smoothly in the new school.

Important tips to prepare your child for a change of school:

Homework for parents

As a parent, you have to do homework before choosing a new school for your child. When you are changing a school, verify some points before taking admission to a new school. Check for the syllabus/Curriculum for the designated class in which you are seeking admission. Also, check for the exam pattern. If you know any parents whose children are studying in the same school, then take a review from them. Another important factor is the distance of school from the house. If possible try to live in nearby areas of the school, as it would save your child’s computation time. If it’s not in the nearby area then check for the transportation facility. These factors would help you and your child in many ways.

Talk with your child

This is the most important step in the transition as children need more time to accept the change. Explain to him/ her about the importance of changing school or why the change is necessary. Also, assure that he/she will get new friends soon and would like the new school as well.

Accompany child

Accompany your child to school, it will help them to adjust in new environment. If the child is young try to be with him/her for the initial few days for dropping off and pick up. Many schools offer school trips for parents and kids on the first visit. It helps to know more about the school and campus. If you have any doubts, questions clear it on the visit itself.

Join a group

If Parents of children in the school have a group join it. Meet with them and try to get the information about school and teachers. Also, It would help you to know more about the ongoing activities in the school and classes. If your child is young, try to meet other kids in the school/class before joining. If he/she knows other children then it would be easy to get adjusted. Knowing other children studying in school will also help older kids.

Encourage your child

Encourage your child to participate in various activities like competitions, sports activities at school. It will help them to mingle with other children.   Also, encourage your child to take initiative and talk with other students and teachers. Tell them that, the transition will be difficult but this phase will also pass soon.

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  2. It’s iomportant for parents to become their child’s best friend when changing school. Every child is not friendly to interact with new friends. Very well expressed points.
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