Holi -festival of colors and happiness

holi festival
holi festival

Holi is the festival of color and the festival of sharing the love with all. Holi is celebrated on the last full moon of the lunar month of Phalguna that is at the end of winter season.  Holi is spring festival and it’s basically celebrated for two days. The first day is known as Holika Dahan or Choti Holi across different parts in India different celebration ways are there. On first-day, Holika bonfire with where people worship Holika bonfire with coconut, black Chana, batasha (Holi sweets), These Holi sweets batasha (sugar candies), and garlands of dry fruits are distributed to relatives children on the occasions of Holi. Next morning is celebrated as ragwali Holi/dhuliwandan where people color each other with dry colors or colored water .children play with water guns /pichakari, water-filled balloons for their water fights.

Spirit of this festival makes everyone get to carry along with it that everyone from children to elderly enjoys it equally. People visit relatives, friends and to color each other with color powders laugh and dance, then share Holi delicacies like gujiya, Puran Poli, desserts and drinks like thandai , bhang.

As a kid, I always waited for this festival though I didn’t know much about its importance. Thanks to social media, internet that now everyone knows many things about festivals, its importance and how they celebrated across different parts of India. There were for two reasons to get garlands sugar candies from my relatives and second to play color on dhuliwandan with pichakari /gun.  Colourful pichakari was the main attraction for us kids, whose picker looks how competition amongst kids was. It was so fun to hide and colors friends, throw color balloons on strangers on the road.

Many delicacies and desserts are made on the occasion of Holi. Thandai is the special drink made on Holi.It’s milk flavored using selected dry fruits and spices like fennel seeds and cardamoms. Thandai means coolant and its perfect drink for this hot summer. Here are special Thandai flavored recipes for Holi made using Thandai masala (made from dry fruits and few spices) powder.

1.Thandai lassi

thandai lassi
thandai lassi

Lassi is a perfect coolant for hot summer and it’s cooling property increases when we infuse thandai masala in it. Enjoy this easy to make coolant on the hot afternoons of Holi and as a break from festive preparation. It will definitely refresh and rejuvenate you.

2.Thandai sewai kheer

Thandai sewai kheer
Thandai sewai kheer

Sewai kheer/porridge is quick to make dessert. You can make any variation to the basic recipe. I make Sewai kheer on many festivals as an offering to god. Add dry fruits to this porridge to make it rich and tasty. For Holi, I’m posting Thandai masala infused sewai kheer. Holi is celebrated with thandai drinks and thandai flavored sewai kheer has that touch of thandai masala in it. Celebrate Holi festival with thandai flavored sewai kheers and get refreshed with its cooling properties.

3.Coconut gujiya


Gujiyas are must have sweets for Holi celebrations. Holi is incomplete without gujiya. Following is simple to make coconut gujiya recipe.

Wish you all happy Holi !! Enjoy it with your loved ones and please update your feedbacks in comments section.



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