Home remedies for constipation in pregnancy

constipation in pregnancy

Many women face constipation, slow digestion,indigestion problems during pregnancy. Hormonal changes, increased size of belly, nutritional supplements might be some of the casues behind it. If you are expecting mommy and facing constipation problem then don’t be more worried as stress can worsen the problem.Constipation can be very well treated by proper medication and some home remedies. It’s always good to talk to your doctor if you are having severe problem.Many women avoid drinking water because of nausea and frequent urination during pregnancy. Which may lead to  slow digestion ,constipation, dizzy spless.Diet and lifestyle changes can help to get relief from the problem. Include loads of Vegetables, fruits in your diet, keep well hydrated, use multigrains, and be physically active.Execrcising helps to boost digestion and avoid constipation.Following are some home remedies for constipation tried and tested by many mommies.

If you are constipated and looking for relief here are some Home-remedies.

1. Yoghurt

Yoghurt  is full of good bacteria Lactobacillus and best probiotic .It’s very good for good digestion and maintains your gut health .Include a bowl of curd in your daily meal during pregnancy. Or drink a glass of buttermilk every day after lunch. You can get flavoured yoghurt at market easily, but it’s full of sugar. You can make flavoured yoghurt at home by adding any fresh fruit pulp and dry fruits. Following is simple sweet yoghurt recipe which can be used during pregnancy.

Home-made sweet yoghurt without sugar:

Set curd using fresh cream milk.

Wash and Soak 2 prunes, 4 raisins in water.

Crush raisins, prunes and honey in curd bowl to make sweet yoghurt.

When fresh curd is ready mix crushed fruits in it and sprinkle choice of dry fruits toppings on it.

2. Prunes

Prunes are rich in insoluble fibres and natural laxatives. Have handful of dried prunes every day in the morning along with breakfast. If prunes are not available you can use Prune juice which is easily available in the markets.

3. Raisins

Raisins are good source of iron and vitamin C. Raisins are dried grapes and have cooling properties. It has many health benefits and used to relieve constipation. But if you are diabetic patient before taking raisins please check it  with your doctor

How to do:

Soak 1 tea spoon of raisins in water overnight

Crush raisins in the water in morning.

Drink raisin crushed water early morning empty stomach.

4. Figs

Fig is rich in iron and has significant amount of dietary fibres.Beside it’s nutritional benefit it is helpful for relieving constipation because of it’s fibre contents.Dried figs are easily available , if you have fresh figs available go for having handful of this fruit.

How to use:

Soak 2 dried figs in water overnight

Eat soaked figs and drink the water used for soaking it in the morning on empty stomach.

5. Green leafy vegetables:

Lack of fibre in your diet may be cause of constipation. Green leafy vegetables have fibre and source of vitamins and minerals .Include loads of green leafy vegetables in your meals.

How to do:

Use green leafy vegetables as simple stir-fried or add it in your rice, roti, lentils, and soups.

Have salads and soups  full of greens as a snacks.

6. Fruits:

Fibres aid in digestion and fruits are full of it. Eat fruits like pear (Has laxatives), watermelon along with your fruits serving. Make sure to eat  have one servings of fruits everyday without fail.

7. Walk

During pregnancy all exercise are not allowed. But walking is easy to do exercise and it’s allowed in pregnancy (Until and unless you have very critical health). Daily walk for 30 minutes with a pace you are comfortable. Walking is best exercise anyone can do and it helps to better blood circulations and improves mood as well. Walking will help in bowl movement and aid digestion.

8. Avoid

Avoid certain foods if you are facing the problem in pregnancy, and you will notice the changes. Avoid these foods: sugar, carbonated drinks, caffine, hard to digest foods, sweets, cakes, Oily foods, spicy foods  as it might slow digestion.

Have a healthy pregnancy and share your tips and ideas in comments section.



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