How to choose preschool for your child

how to choose preschool

Preschool is the place where children of same age can mingle , play and learn together. It’s important for a child to socialize with same age children and enjoy constructive play time at school. Finding perfect preschool which meets your all expectations is difficult.Recently i had to choose preschool for my 2 year old daughter and feed backs and reviews of fellow mommies helped me in it. Correct age for starting  preschool or playgroup is again different topic and there are different opinions about it. Actually every child is different and age to start preschool depends on him/her. Mommy knows best  about her child and she can decide correct age to start preschool.

Sara is already  2 years  old  and I didn’t even realize where these two years gone.I was busy with both my kids and it was totally bliss to grow with them.Sara likes playing and she sees her elder sister going to school every day.She thought school must be fun place and asked me to drop her to school . She has her school bag and water bottle which she carries to her imaginary preschool in house. It gave indication that my little angel is ready to go to preschool. In  these last two years there were hardly few times when I had to leave her  with  someone else for 2 hours. I was anxious with a thought to leave my child for  2 hours in preschool. More than her it was difficult for me to leave her in school.

I visited almost every school which was near to my house before finalising her current preschool.I  wanted to enroll Sara in a preschool ,near to my house as I have to drop off and pick up.Actually  there are many  criteria  to select play school for your child  and it depends on the place you live as well. Start your school search before hands and enroll your child  in best and convenient preschool.

Lets check  few things which will help you to choose preschool.

#1. Distance

Distance of school from your house is very  important thing as your child  have to commute to school every day .If school is very far from your place and  it takes more time to travel and child  may get  tired. Play school children should enjoy their school. Prefer schools  nearby  your place  which will be helpful  to  save  time and energy of child.

#2. Schools hours

Always check for school hours preschool and it should not be more or less. Small children have their nap times and school time  should be convenient to your child. It shouldn’t be affecting child’s regular nap time or too early in the morning. Don’t select school having very early morning or late afternoon school timings as well. Select  school  which  has  suitable  time for you  as  you will need to go for drop off and pick up child.

#3. Friendly staff

Small children need more attention and care and loving teachers at school can provide it. Check for school staff   and their approach to children. Friendly  and caring staff  will makes child feel at home.Check if  school staff is well trained and qualified to handle young children. When preschool has good teachers and other staff ,child will feel loved and comfortable at school.

#4. School premises

Children will spend time at school and  that’s why school premises should be friendly.School  should be specious and  have  clean and airy rooms. Educative toys and constructive activity will be useful for learn while fun .Children will  enjoy going to school  when it has good activities. Also check for cleanliness and hygiene at school as younger kids are more prone to infections .The school  premises should  be cleaned regularly .

#5. Feed backs

Don’t forget to take parents feedback who’s children already studied in same preschool. Parents can tell you best  about all pros and cons of the school.They will know exact details about the school and staff .These feed backs will be helpful to take decision of enrolling your child to same school.

Enjoy searching and selecting preschool for your children and hopefully above tips will be helpful for it.Please provide your feed backs and tips in comments.Thank you.




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