How to plan kitty party

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Kitty party  is perfect  platform for women to meet , mingle with other women. Generally it’s once a month meet up and women can have entertainment in their life by participating in these parties. We know that relationships helps to reduce stress.Women hardly get time from their work,routine and family so having kitty party is good way to enjoy with other women.And discussing about concerns with your friends can reduce your anxieties. So why not plan kitty  party often with fellow mommies and friends.Pre planning and preparations help to have the coolest kitty party for you and your guests.

Let’s see few of the wonderful tips for organizing kitty party at home.

#1. Time :

Decide time and date suitable to all members participating in kitty party. Inform all members about it .Also check how many members  will be coming and  consider kids if its party along with kids .This is important for you to do all arrangements accordingly.

#2. Theme:

Plan your  kitty party with a theme to make it  special. Things which can be planned as per theme are food, decoration , attire of members and  activities in the party. Start with decoration of house as per the theme and ask all guests to wear attire  as per theme. Inform about theme to your guests  prior to party , so that they can  plan their costumes accordingly. It’s fun to dress in different way for the party and here are some  ideas for attires.

Dress-code : All guests same  color clothes.

Reginal clothes  themes: south Indian , north Indian , western

Mommy and kids same clothes.

Sports theme.

#3. Menu:

Its great fun to match the menu with your kitty party theme. Decide menu as per your theme  or as per your guest’s choice. check preferred food for your guests vegetarian / non vegetarian. If you have kids in your guest list then have 1-2 dishes especially for kids or  have kid’s friendly menu.If you are going to order food from outside pre planning menu helps a lot.If you are cooking food at home you can cook it in batches and prior to party day as well.

#4. Activities:

This is the most important part of your party as it gives opportunity to mingle , enjoy the company of your friends. Plan activities in such a way that you get more time to mingle with your friends .Enjoy your party with activities like games, dancing, and singing. Plan activities for kids as well if you have them as guests. Appreciate your guest’s talent and give prizes to winners of the game. Pamper your guests with some goodies or nail art, tattoos.

Activities: Plan and play games, Watch movies,Dance & Sing, Have competitions.

#5. Knowledge sharing:

Kitty party can have some knowledge sharing sessions as well. With some fun activities you can make the party as informative platform for all. Plan small knowledge sharing sessions for your guests as per their choice. You can include cake decoration, glass painting, henna or tattoo drawing like topics for these sessions. One of the guests can share their skills with other members in the kitty party. In this way you will learn new skills along with enjoying the party.

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