How to take care of your baby in summer

summer care
summer care

Its summer time and outside temperature are on rising sides. Many mommies complain of heat rashes, dehydration, and frequent fever episodes to their babies. Summer is tricky period and the high temperature outside can cause many health problems. Babies and toddlers need extra care during this time. Actually, any weather change may be sufficient to make them ill. But mommies don’t worry and follow few things in their routine to have a happy summer.

Following easy tips will help you to take care of the baby during summer:

1. Hydration:

As during summer time excess sweating may lead to fluid loss and dehydration. To avoid this problem it’s important to keep your baby well hydrated.

If you have new-born or a baby at home, you have to take extra care of her. Make sure to give her breastfeed/ bottle feed at the exact time of interval. (As water can’t be given to new-born babies. but they should be hydrated so give milk on exact time or more frequently.)If your baby is more than 6 months old, you can give her water to drink using the dropper or small spoon. But make sure the drinking water is filtered, boiled and cooled. If you are thirsty, chances are your little ones also thirsty. As they can’t tell they are thirsty, so parents/ caregiver should take care of their thirst and give those liquids often. For toddlers give water to sip and other fluids like fruit juices, soups.

2. Diet / Food in summer

During summer we have the low appetite because of the high temperature outside. So do babies also won’t take more food. If baby refuses to take the food ,offer her it in frequent intervals. And also keep baby’s diet light and full of fruits, juices and soups. It will be light on digestion and full of liquids also. Avoid giving spicy and fried food during this time.

3. Baby clothes:

Be very careful while selecting clothes for your baby in summer. Go for clothes made up from 100% cotton only. Cotton clothes helps to soak sweat and keep baby cold. Like us, babies also need light clothes

To cool down. Many parents bundle babies in heavy blankets to keep them warm, but in summer avoid bundling babies in heavy clothes. As it Prefer soft, cotton, sleeves less shirts and short pants for babies and toddlers.

4. Bathing:

Taking bath twice a day during summer helps to maintain low body temperature. So give your toddlers bath two times in a day.(Avoid giving bath twice to babies younger than 6 months.) Once in the morning and then in the evening. While bathing your toddlers use only lukewarm water.

5.Away from diapers

Summer heat may cause sweating and if baby is wearing diaper  all the time, it may lead rashes. Sweat and closed environment  of diapers can be the reason of problem. So it’s better to avoid wearing diapers during summer. And instead go for cotton pants or cotton diapers only.Use disposable diapers when it’s extremely important to wear it.

6.Keep indoors

When exposed to direct sunlight during afternoons , it may cause run rashes, burns and dehydration. So avoid going out  during afternoon or if going cover your baby with umbrella. Apply sunscreen lotions while going out to avoid run rashes/ burns.

Have a safe and happy summer! Take care of baby and yourself as well.



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