How to teach children about gender equality

gender equality
gender equality

There are many debates on topic-gender equality and people have different opinions about it. But when we think about teaching it to our kids, How to achieve it? There is a number of ways, to let our kids know more about it from a young age. Parents want their children to have the right values and early education on it is really helpful. If planned properly we can teach the importance of gender equality to our children.

When we discussed with fellow mommies about gender equality and how they are educating their children. Many mommies came out with an interesting way, which can be helpful to educate the children.1.House is the first place (School) where a child’s education starts.2. Children have very strong observation and their learning process starts at a very early age. So considering these points parents can educate children about this very important topic.
Let’s see how we can help the next generation to learn about gender equality:

#1. Fathers involvement in household work

This is the first and most important point. Children learn to do many things by seeing/observing their parents/ elders/caregivers at home. When a child sees the only mommy working for a  complete day at home, he/she thinks it’s only her responsibility. So this needs to be changed. Fathers should help mothers for doing household chores like grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking. And children will get the lesson of sharing responsibilities. They will understand the importance of load sharing and take responsibilities equally. They won’t hesitate to help their partners, once they grow up.

#2. Education at School

As school is the place where children spend 8-9 hours of the day, so they can educate children about the right values and importance of equality. If schools organize activity of wearing clean clothes/uniforms washed by students or assignments like “Cleaning your house on own”. These activities will help children to be independent and manage household chores. Children will not only wash clothes but understand the importance of load sharing. Schools can have seminars and workshops to teach children basic cooking. It will help in many ways, If the mother falls ill,  children can cook basic meals to feed themselves.
This project should include talk of a few minutes about the given work-  In the talk children should explain about the task and what are different possible/ optimal ways to do it. This kind of practical education is necessary for them,to understand their role in house.

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#3. Assign housework to children

Don’t consider it as a punishment or a very harsh thing for children. As we are discussing the ways to teach children about the gender equality, it’s important to let them do things on own. So, mommies, daddies start assigning small tasks to your children. Assign equal household work to your sons and daughters, don’t bias on anything. Start with small tasks like cleaning room, organising room, folding clothes, cooking. Always assign equal tasks to children and explain to them, about the importance of doing a thing. When children do things on their own, they will know the exact efforts required to complete the task. When they fulfil their responsibilities, appreciate and reward them equally. It will encourage them to complete future tasks. In this way, the children will learn to be more responsible and independent. And Independent kids are more confident as well.



  1. A very important post as teaching kids gender equality has become very desperate cause. If the right principles are inculcated in the children right from the start we’ll have a better society where everyone can respect the opposite sex. We always talk about women empowerment but that’s not going to be achieved unless we start from root, and that’s what your post teaches.

  2. Gender Equality should be cultivated and rooted right from the school days. This is something we have been diligently following at home too. You simply resonated my thoughts.

    • Rupali Kadam

      That’s very true. Early education can help next generation in many ways. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Important one and very nicely written post Rupali

  4. This one need must discussed in today’s society, nice write up.

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