How yoga helped me to better health

Yoga exercise

How I started practicing  yoga is  another interesting story.I wanted to lose that extra pounds which I put on during  my second pregnancy.Yoga was never on my mind as I considered it  only for flexible people.I never practiced it  in my life not thought of enrolling to any class for learning it. I was finding difficult to find time for exercising  from my routine and two active kids.And i continued gaining extra pounds and it caused back pain.This is when one of my friend approached me asking to join yoga class at her place as she wanted to have some minimum number of participants  to start it. I refused simply stating ” its not my cup of tea” and anyways i had time constraint .She insisted me to join it for few days at least as the instructor  need minimum people to start  training class. And this is the historic  moment I said “yes”  for learning this ancient exercise. Though I enrolled to classes , I  was extremely anxious.I couldn’t refuse to my friend but I had 1000 question in my mind and doubts whether person like me can do yoga ever in life?

And the day risen when I had to reach for unrolling my mat. It was Sunday evening so I had worked for complete day in my kitchen for cooking food ,feeding kids and cleaning.  I was totally drained  and  did not have energy to learn complicated  poses.

The  instructor  was friendly lady who explained each and every details about yoga and answered almost all questions  we had . The anxious , stressed and yeah drained too me finally asked her with great courage “Do you think I can do it ? as I never did it in my life ”  She answered calmly “ Yoga  is for all ,and at any age any weight any health problem it can be started, practiced for better health and best mind. As this exercises helps to increase mindfulness and  helps to connect body with your soul.”

With those encouraging words I started our very first session of yoga . And oh what’s this within next 15-20 minutes of class my breath were heavy and I started sweating. So that means I knew my limitations very clearly and I sat down by giving up.I cursed myself for enrolling to do a thing which I never did and then decided   to quit class from next session as it wouldn’t have looked good to quit in between session.

Yoga exercise yoga classes
Yoga classes

My instructor explained me how yoga makes body flexible and if I practice it regular I can be also flexible like her in fact it ll help to lose weight , it’ll ease my body pains and boost metabolism .I started  back practicing few  poses and  to my surprise I could do  it correctly. It was turning point in my yoga journey as I could do few things I decided to continue it for another session. And with every session I performed better and slowly I found that I can do many of the poses .This was totally new experience for me and as promised my instructor I could see my  flexibility has increased. Now I understood how she could do complicated Shirshasan ,Sarvangasan  easily. Its all about practicing different poses, asanas regularly.

  1. I could notice immense relief in my intense migraine pain within just few weeks after practicing yoga regularly. I could remember the words of instructor who suggested me to practice Pranayams regularly for  getting relief in headaches and it really  worked for me. Focus on breath and body  is pranayama and its key to positive  effects on health
  2. Yoga has ability to make life much easier and healthy and its true as I experienced better sleep and increase in my energy levels. It  relaxes body and mind unlike other exercises and helps to connect with your soul.
  3. I had lower back pain many times which I experienced after delivering my both kids and considered it as a lifelong. But to my wonders after practicing yoga poses for back the pain has disappeared. I feel that I should have started  these exercises  and Stress lowering techniques much before .
  4. Another best part is it  helps to clear that negative emotions stucked in your body.  And slowly  individuals practicing it  could see the change in themselves as I did. After few months of practice I could see drastic change in myself. I felt much energetic and relaxed.
  5. Main aim for starting Yoga was weight loss as I had gained weight in pregnancy and couldn’t work on it to get back to normal shape. As Yoga reduces cortisol levels in body thus less fat deposition on belly area. Though  less calories were burnt for yoga I could see weight loss of 2 pounds in few months. Now I want to go for power yoga to achieve that normal shape and healthy weight.

There is long way to go as it just few months only i started practicing this wonderful ancient exercise and wish to do it forever.If you also do and like it please share your experiences in comments below.



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