Are we in a hurry to teach everything to kids?


Today is another sunny and bright  day for me.( though I couldn’t see out of my house window till 2 p.m.) This is what I was doing till 2 p.m. I woke up at 5.30 am to cook the lunch and breakfast for all. I got kids ready and then dropped both of them to their respective schools. After finishing my all cleaning and laundry at the house, I wrote down a few worksheets for Siya, which she will complete in the evening. Then I had my brunch while watching a famous series on television. I came out of the house to see the bright sun and enjoy the weather, OOPS,( Not very true)to go to the library. Siya had to get ready a write-up for the science project at her school, and I needed a few relative books. I reached to the library at around 2.30p.m. and surprisingly it was less crowded than usual.  I  took a stroll in the cookery section and then headed to the kid’s books section. I started searching science books for 8-10 years old in the kid’s section. I heard a sound of falling something and I rushed to check it. One lady fell down on the library floor, and so does the books in her hand. I went to help her get up and we both started collecting the books. She said sorry for at least 100 times, though I accepted her apologies at her first sorry and asked her to calm down. She smiled back at me and we started talking (Two women don’t need any topic or time to start a discussion).

She mumbled, “This is what happens with me always, as I was walking while seeing backwards at my son.”  I handed over 8-9 large books to her and asked her to be careful. Then the reason for this accident arrived- Her cute little son came running and he too was carrying big fat books in his hands. He handed over the books to his mother and sat down on the small chair near us. While I and his mother had an introduction to each other. We both started searching books in the science section. I heard “Breakthrough, fantabulous mornings, it was, International summit, Sensational machine. ” I was shocked to listen to these words. I kept down the books in my hand and sat down near the little boy. I couldn’t believe that, how can such a small child read the complicated words without taking a pause.

I asked the lady about his age, and she replied it’s going to be his 6th birthday in another 3 months. Then I asked her  “How can he read the big sentences and complicated words like breakthrough?”

she replied to me, “He is reading these words since last year itself, he loves reading science books and that’s why I have taken all these books for him.” It was another shock for me to know that the child reads books for 8-10 years old. I was thinking whether Siya could read the long sentences without pause.

I asked her again,” Which school he goes to? and how do you teach him reading at such a young age?”

she told me,”  He goes to XYZ School, which is very good. But I send him to the Class for learning English, as I don’t believe only schools could teach him everything. The ABC class is awesome, they teach everything from phonics, reading, writing, grammar and comprehension. Now he reads any book, newspaper. ”

I was yet to recover from a shock and felt despondent as I never sent my kids to this class.

She continued, “Besides this, he goes abacus class weekly twice, science workshops on every Sunday, and He knows playing piano and swimming, as we started him all these at the age of 4 and a half. You know, he can do addition, subtraction of two digit number as well .”

I asked her, “But if he attends school, many classes, then  when does he play ?”

she replied,” If he wastes the time in playing who will learn everything? If the base of the study is not sound, then how he will succeed in the future ?. We don’t want him to be behind in studies so we have started teaching him at a young age.”

I returned back home, but kept on thinking about this episode for many days, the haunting question in mind was,

Is it really necessary to prepare the child for the future from such a young age?

I feel it’s absolutely not necessary. If the child spends many hours a day on studying and learning at a young age when will he/she live the precious childhood.? Which he/ she won’t get again in the life. The time to play, jump, explore, observe, experience and have fun. It will be gone in the classes. So parents take a breath and relax, think twice before sending a 5-year-old child to any tuition classes, enrichment. Any enrichment class in the world can’t teach children, what their play-time can. It’s extremely important to play, outdoors, indoors, for their better physical, mental and emotional development.

Is it really necessary to keep them ahead of their age?

Absolutely not, as kids are fast learners and they learn the necessary things with time. We want our 6 year old child to have abilities of 10 years old children. Which is not at all necessary. Don’t ever push your child to do things, ahead of their age. He/she will definitely do things of their age with proper guidance and support. Let them try, learn in their own way and struggle to do it.

Are we in a hurry to teach children everything possible?

Every child is different and their learning and grasping abilities are also different. If a child is leaning slowly we can’t judge him/her by the speed of learning. Always believe on your child and encourage her for learning. So parents let’s think one more time before enrolling your 5 year old to any class. Go for it only and only if it’s extremely necessary. Don’t teach children each and everything since a young age, Do let them learn on their own.

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  1. To convert children into a learning machine at such a tender age is ridiculous. They must enjoy their childhood, play games, learn to appreciate the environment, and be happy about small things. It is the responsibility of parents to not throw their child into the rat race at such a small age. Its really sad to see that parents burden their child with their own expectations these days. Sad and shocking reality of today’s world.

  2. A very valid point. Parents these days want to teach everything to kids and want them to be on the top without realising what kids want and like.

  3. You have worded my views on this topic verbatim. My son started going to pre-primary school and I met oarents there who were sending their kids for Phonics classes, so that their kid could learn to read and write earlier than the class’s pace. I was taken aback. The urge was there to do the same for my son, but I refrained. We have to udnerstand that we are robbing our kids of innocent and care-free childhood years. As they grow old, they will surely be bitten by the competitive bug but these years might not come back.

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