I kept on walking to…

While in my teens, parents taught me to keep walking, no matter what situation comes in front. Being vigorous I,  adopted it with great dynamism.

The days and nights passed, Many summers came and went.
There were some days which brought darkest gloomy cloud on me,and the days,
which brought the brightest sun over me.
Sometimes rain made me wet and other time the sun dried me.
I met people and got a collection of memories when they left. 
The roaring winds whirled and hauled me, I feared to get collapsed,
but "I kept on walking" 
I found that the path was narrow, rocky, curved, steep which slowed me. 
Then all of sudden it became very straight and broad to give me speed. 
The journey seemed never-ending and heartbreaking. 
The path looked longest through the bushes and trees. 
I couldn't see the end and everything looked dark. 
I got used to darkness and hated the dawn. 
I wanted to be in darkness only. 
Neither I know where I have to go not I know where I have reached.
 My legs pained and longed for the rest. But,

"I kept on walking" 

The message from my parents kept me strong in all the thick and thins. It gave me wings to fight with the fear courageously. With further few steps, I could see a golden sun on the horizon. He showered his kindness in the form of rays and my black, dusky body shined with the golden glaze. The shine brought me hope and strength.

“I kept on walking”

After going little further I got surprised with the land of flowers. A beautiful tulips farm welcomed me with the aroma and colors. I felt so youthful and colorful while walking through the gorgeous flowers. The sight took away all my fatigue. Little ahead I saw the crystal clear blue water lake to quench my thirst. I danced and jumped with the flamingos to celebrate my victory. My life changed completely from that one moment. My despair got replaced with joy and hope. I felt the rigorous journey was worth enough to reach this paradise.


“I started walking again with the smile  on my face”

I am walking again in search of next paradise. ? I don’t know where is my destination? I  don’t know whether I will reach my destination or not but I know I’ll reach for sure..as I have got the illuminating “the change”.

“I am still walking but now I have a hope. I feel my path is full of flowers and the air is filled with the aromatic fragrance.”

So are you wondering what is “the change” here? The change, might be anything like the paradise, flamingos, tulips, golden sun. Now do you have another question popping in your mind, “How it will come? where it will be? ” The answer is – I’m not sure. But it will be there for you and it will change everything. It will make you feel alive, feel beautiful and strong.Always wait for that change without losing hope and don’t forget to keep walking.

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