Incredible – Superpowers I want in 2019


While playing different roles to different people in our life, we have to be different. As a mommy, wife, daughter,daughter-in-law, sister,friend we are bound to certain set of expectations. But whether these expectations from our loved ones get fulfilled? Well, not every time as being human we have constraints like time, energy, work commitments, which won’t let us fulfill that expectation. How nice it would be if we get the superpowers just like our beloved incredible? Have you given thought on it? Let’s think together about our life with these superpowers. Here is my desirable list of superpowers to make the year 2019 more rocking.


“Raising kids need lots of patience and when will you have it?” is the consistent question asked by my mother since last 9 years.I tried to be patient many times  but yet to learn to be calm.When kids don’t finish their meals, don’t stop fighting, run on the roads, I lose my patience. And there are many other similar situations which make me crazy. This year I wish to get a superpower which won’t let me lose patience and make me cool mommy.

2.Incredibly strong

Household things, grocery shopping, kids study and school, extra activity classes and competitions the list is never-ending. I get exhausted and drained after such hectic routines though I make sure to get proper rest during nights. There are times when it’s- NO MORE for me. This year I wish to get a superpower to be more stronger and fitter.

3.Fit and beautiful

Finding time for ourselves from our daily routine is really important .This time can be utilize for doing things loved by you. It can be anything like exercising, spa visit, resting, readin a book. This year I would like to get a superpower to be fit and fabulous like celebritie moms. I wish I would be able to transform myself into a fitter and confident woman in upcoming year.

4.Chef Mommy

“Mom, when would you make that pizza like Suma aunty? and don’t forget about raspberry popsicles as well.” My 9-year-old daughter’s demands.My both kids have acute lists of demands every now and then. I would like to cook these dishes quickly with the superpowers. Doesn’t it sound cool? Just a wish and the scruptious pizza is ready with a blink of eye.

5. Fashionable wardrobe

I have only one type of clothes in my wardrobe and that’s – Carefully selected Comfy wear. Which means the clothes in which I would be able to carry kids comfortably without causing the rash, itching to their skin. And secondly,  I must be able to do any household work wearing them. This year I have decided to change my wardrobe to stylish and fashionable outfits. Don’t laugh, but it’s tough as, I hardly know anything about latest trends in fashion. How awesome it would be to become a stylish fashionista in 2019.

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  1. Oh! I would love to be the Chef Mommy and and fabulously fit without an effort 😛 I love cooking, but at times I wish I had superpowers where you wish and the food is in front of you!

  2. I so wish for the super power of patience each day. Running behind my 3.4 yr old seems to be my state forever. It’s either him creating havoc in the house or trying to escape his meal time, I am going crazy. Very relatable and well written.

  3. I can relate to all these points 🙂 But one thing that I need the most is Patience. My 5 years old keeps me on toes with his demands these days. I really need to learn how to stay calm.

  4. Lovely list and I like the idea of a fashionable wardrobe..I am too in this mood this year to update my wardrobe. and why not, we all want to be stylish mommy.

  5. Chef Mommy and fashionable wardrobe, How I wish even I could get these superpowers. Interesting post, Roopali. Thanks for being a part of this train.

  6. SO great points love the idea of the wardrobe which is really important.

  7. I agree sometimes we wish to have few very basic and routine super powers as those are the ones that we face everyday. As you mentioned, on odd days making a simple tea seems a tedious task. On such day, how about having a robot who can do things for us. 🙂 Thanks for joining this blog train Roopali.

  8. I can totally understand why you need these super powers. Indian women are expected to play numerous roles all so perfectly that people often forget we are without super powers.

  9. These really are equivalents of superpowers for a mom. Loved reading your PoV on these superpowers that maketh every mom

  10. Hey you took me back to early mommy years where simple things like looking good, self care, patience becomes a luxury:)

  11. Swing mundane stuff like gadgets and new age automobiles from the eyes of a tech was fun:) keep it up

  12. I agree that all those super powers are needed for a mom. Strong, fit and powerful fashionista

  13. I echo your thoughts on being a fit mom and who can whip any dish like a pro. After motherhood my wardrobe never stays same for long. Hope to stop in one size first 😉

    • The same problem with me as well and that’s the reason I get scared while buying clothes. It’s heartbreaking when the clothes won’t fit us. Thank you for visit Pragya.

  14. I feel guilty of not been able to cook for my girls. Your post reminded me of that in an encouraging way.. I am going to take this “chef mommy” resolution the most seriously maybe.

  15. oh yes, only if we had lot of patience things would have changed in out lives, we lack the patience for someone else to finish the thing there way and rush and want to get it done faster and in our way just leaves us more exhausted. good wish list 🙂

  16. All I want is everything. Isn’t that the case with us all. Hope you find your manna in 2019

  17. These are some really good superpowers, especially, patience when it comes to kids.

  18. I could relate to every word you wrote here. How I wish I could get these super powers too. Well written and interesting piece.

  19. I love this list. I wish I could steal your list to claim that mine is same!! Fashionable wardrobe is something that I am currently craving for!! Thanks for reminding me of this amazing list!!

  20. Maximum yearns for the virtues that you have compiled in your list…God bless and may you attain success.

  21. Patience would be my first wish too. Being a chef mommy is close second.

  22. An interesting read. Patience is indeed a Superpower. Maybe the biggest of them all, specially when it comes to parenting.

  23. Agree with your points. Infact I would also like to get that superpowers too

  24. I’m waiting to get these super powers too Interesting read !

  25. I would love to have the last point. Fashionable wardrobe…I am very weak at it. You gave me a goal.

  26. Anagha Yatin

    A pragmatic list and you arent asking too much Rupali.
    Wishing you success in everything.

  27. As a Mom with her hands full, you deserve to ask for these wishes. Here’s hoping your guardian angel makes them come true.
    Lovely read, Roopali. Keep writing!

  28. Wow chef mommy is interesting super power I’m not yet a mommy but I can recall things which I loved during my childhood and kept mom asking to make like my neighbour aunty made
    Perfect super powers list for a 24/7 workaholic mommy
    #vigorousreads #blogtrain #NYR2019 #Newyear_bloghop

  29. Fashionable wardrobe..good one. Liked your sense and essentiality of superpowers.

  30. Amazing! These super powers makes us 360 degree super mommies. Best chef and best fashionista is a cool idea. Can we secretly hope some of these will come true 😛

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