My journey to the mystical place #Theblindlist


Travelling excites me more than anything as I love the thrill of exploring an unexpected. This unexpected gives me the stupendous joy and thus I keep planning trips to various places. My journey to mesmerising places has made me fall in love with the world and I have a bucket list of places to visit. I note down the memories in my travelogue to cherish them for a lifetime. Apart from my bucket list, I want to explore the world in my imagination as well. I want to go on a blind date with the world to a mystical place. So you must be thinking what’s this mystical place? Honestly,  I don’t know whether such a place exists or not?  I don’t know where it is? I don’t know how much time it would take me to reach there? but when you are stuck with the wanderlust, who cares about all these.So this mystical place on my #theblindlist has a special existence in my thoughts. What would I do If I visit the one-stop destination of my imagination?

Let’s start the journey to the mystical place:

Journey to the mystical place must be equally interesting and what could be more exciting than a train journey? I absolutely love to travel on the train as I could see the surroundings closely and feel it’s existence. The route to mystical place would be from lush green valleys and tall mountains. The fast train will leave large landscapes behind in a fraction of second to take me to my wonderland. I would be in deep thoughts while looking out of the train, What would I do after reaching there? I’ll run or fly.  But suddenly I’ll remember that I don’t have wings to fly. (Do you know what fascinated me as a child? here is my secret, I always wanted to fly using the wings of my imagination. I wanted to cover the distance fast and only flying could help me do that. )

And here we go, I already reached the destination. It would be nature’s paradise with the picturesque landscapes and giant mountains. I would be awestruck with the views and surroundings. Then, I would look at the top of the mountain to reach there. Because I want to touch the white clouds there. The touch to a cloud must be definitely softest. So I would try to reach there to run behind and catch the clouds. The sun and moon would be my clock to show time. The green mountains would have the waterfalls beneath it. There would be a  lake full of all possible coloured fishes playing inside.  It’s would be the most pristine spectacle anyone would see. Then I would try to climb the giant mountains and when I’ll get thirsty the coolest water from the waterfall will quench my thirst.

Wait there is another surprising view of the mixture of all possible colours. It’s nothing but the plants of flowers of all shapes and sizes.The atmosphere would be filled with the fragrance of these flowers. While roaming around,all I would hear is the chirping sounds of birds and music created by waterfall and waves in the lake. I would peep into crystal clear lake to see myself in the world’s most beautiful frame. I would join the birds and magical surrounding and dance on the music created nature. . I love playing hide and seek and here I’ll get a chance to play it with butterflies. Where would I live here? and I would like to live under the sky and sleep on the bed of earth. My nights will be full of entertainment..Stargazing and drawing by connecting the starts to check what they display. I would wake up by listening to the chirping sound of birds, to see the most beautiful sunrise of my life.Walking barefoot on grass and soaking under golden sun would be luxury.I would spend my day lake side and let the cool breeze play with my hairs.

oh boy and all of sudden the snowfall will start to turn the mystical into magical. The snowflakes will cover everything around and paint the world in white. (Watching snowfall is my another fantasy since childhood) Then, I would think about – how the surrounding would look in the moonlight? I’ll wait to see it and the moon will come to grant my wish. How beautiful it would be to see the silver coated world. The mystical place would turn into magical in the moonlight. Total bliss for eyes, for senses for the soul. So this interesting journey to mystical place can be described as –

Every time I open my eyes, I want to see her

“It is the most beautiful moment in one’s life when there is neither confusion nor certainty. one simply is- a mirror reflecting that which is with no direction to go anywhere, with no idea of doing something, with no future – just utterly at the moment, tremendously at the moment. – OSHO”.

I want to travel the world in search of that perfect pink moon and silver world. I look forward to visiting the mystical place on my #theblindlist. If you also have #theblindlist, share your story with the world.

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