Lagira Zala Ji: A Perfect Family Entertainer


Monday afternoons are specially reserved for phone calls with my mother so that we could discuss everything from the past week in detail. On one such call a few months ago, my mom had suggested me to watch a popular family drama Lagira Zala Ji on Zee Marathi. It’s already a super hit show and has got a lot of attention and love from viewers. Being a Maharashtrian, I just love to watch Marathi movies and TV shows, and this show was no exception. I have been watching this show since the past two months, and I must admit it’s damn interesting. It starts with a melodious title song picturised in the scintillating backdrop of rural Maharashtra. The story of the show revolves around Ajinkya Shinde, a  male protagonist, who aspires to join the Indian Army. He falls in love with bubbly village girl Sheetal, and the story unfolds their journey together. And as an audience, you never realise when their journey become yours.

But why would anyone love to watch Lagira Zala Ji with their family :


Ajinkya is extremely dedicated towards his nation and has always dreamt of being in the army. It’s interesting to watch a regular guy’s journey to achieve his goal and how his family, friends, and Sheetal support him. It’s inspiring to see an army man’s life, their discipline, and dedication. He won many sequences in his missions as a soldier.  This show is a perfect blend of patriotism and family drama which is what we need to show to the young ones in our family.

2.Rural life in India

The plot takes place in the Chandawadi village in Satara district in Maharashtra which is also known as a soldier’s district. Yes, the district has given the most number of soldiers to the Indian army. It shows the rural life in India and beautifully portrays the problems faced by people living in these remote places. Real sets, strong characters, and dialogues are written in the native language which is one of the requisite factors of Lagira Zala Ji, and you must see yourself to realise how beautiful it is. All the actors in the show have justified their character and have put in efforts to make it more real. It takes you to your roots by presenting the exact picture of life in a village.

3.Family drama:

Being parents of two kids, we always have to be careful while watching TV. But with Lagira Zala Ji, my kids find it inspiring and would join me every evening without fail. It’s a beautiful storyline woven around characters that make the audience glued to their chairs. The female lead Sheetal is an equally important character in the story. In spite of being a pampered child in the family, she doesn’t find it hard to transform from a carefree girl to a responsible woman. She supports her husband and his family and would go to any extent to keep them safe and happy. As a family, Sheetal and Ajinkya face quite a lot of hurdles in their journey, and they tackle it with great strength which literally brought tears in audience’s eyes. Antagonist Jayadi and Bhaiya Saheb are enough to make you angry with their menacing performance. Actually, every character in the story has an important aspect which makes it a complete family entertainer.

So, now our 7 pm slot is booked for this great show on Zee Marathi. If you are planning to watch it from the first episode, you can do so on ZEE5. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and begin your binge right away!

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