Life after stillbirth – A mother’s story


By the time Ankitha returned home it was 9 pm. She was exhausted ,but also feeling giddy. Arin her husband asked, about her health and she complained about the giddiness. The duo decided to visit a doctor immediately. After careful examination doctors prescribed medicines and advised to take rest. With lots of discussion with each other and then with their respective families they both took a vital decision. Actually a tough decision for Ankitha, but it was the need of an hour. She was 4 months pregnant with their first child and getting exhausted after every few hours in a day. So the doctor suggested her to take more rest along with the necessary medication.  She decided to concentrate on her baby and own health. 9 months passed smoothly and the due date arrived.  It was the day, for which they were not only waiting for the last 9 months but from 6 years since their marriage.

Ankitha and baby inside were in perfect health and the labour pain started before 2 days of the due date. Arin took her to the doctor immediately and she got admitted to the hospital. she was following all the instructions of her doctors properly, she tried to push the baby out. It went on till 16 hours and the doctor decided to go for c-section. Ankitha was exhausted by this time and agreed to doctor’s decision. Doctors decided to for c-section delivery after giving try for the normal delivery. The procedure went on well and baby came out. She was in a subconscious state because of labour pain and operation. Doctor’s took the baby immediately out of operation theatre.

Ankitha opened her eyes after 3 hours with a hope to see her baby. She saw Arin and her parents seating beside her, but her eyes were searching for her little bundle of joy. Then she remembered that doctor took away the baby after the operation. She asked Arin about the baby and he replied that the baby is doing good and in a nursery. She insisted to see her baby but, Arin asked her to wait for a few hours. As the baby had some problem and doctors suggested keeping the baby in the nursery. As nursery didn’t have access to all she decided to wait for some more time. It was more than 36 hours and she couldn’t see her baby. This wait was more painful than her operation pain and she decided to go and check on her own. When there was none inside the room, she decided to go out and check. She searched every section of the hospital and reached the baby nursery. She asked the nurse outside the nursery room about her baby and got permission to see the baby from the glass door. Ankitha was exhilarated with a thought of seeing her baby finally. Nurse asked her the delivery date and time and name of the parents. After checking her details nurse told it was a stillbirth and Ankitha lost her baby after delivery. Ankitha collapsed on the floor and nurse rushed her back to the room.

Ankitha lost her baby after delivery, because of the health problems. Doctors tried to save her baby, but ccouldn’t get success. Her  family hidden this fact from her just to avoid the immediate shock after delivery. As now she came to know about it ,s he was totally devastated. Ankitha and Arin waited for 6 long years to see their  baby. Ankitha not only lost her child, but also a hope to live. Their dreams shatters in just a few moments. Ankitha took very good care of herself and baby during pregnancy and yet it happened with her. The family stopped discussing about the incident , As it was already over and nothing could bring the baby back. But in spite of all efforts from her family , Ankitha couldn’t get out of the agony of losing own child . She cried for most of the days and went into depression. She stopped going out of the house and hardly spoke anything to anyone. Losing a child brings deafening and , suffocating silence in the parent’s lives. Same thing happened with Ankitha and  she isolated herself from the world. The year passed like this and nothing changed. She neglected on her own health and lost significant weight. Arin tried to take her out but she became weak and couldn’t even bear the sunlight. She suffered from major illness, anxiety and panic attacks.

This is a true story of a mother who has faced the despair of losing her child. Now in 2018, Ankitha is the dotting mother of two healthy school going children. Her husband, family and friends helped her to come out if this , in all possible ways. They gave her a hope to live her life . She recovered and gave birth to two healthy  and happy children. Now her life is complete with supporting family, caring husband and two lovely children. She is the happiest women who can’t stop adoring her little bundles of joy. The key people in her life didn’t leave by her side and helped her to come out of the loss. Every mother who goes though the  pain of stillbirth or similar problems, can get out of it by support from her husband, family, friends.

1. Help from family and friends

The friends and family should extend their hand of support to deal with this situation. After such a pain the family suffers from a suffocating silence . Try to break that silence and interact with the mother. Visit the mother often and help her to come out of it. Avoid discussing about the incident, how it happened, why it happened. As it might take the mother in depression.

 2. Husband’s support

Husband is the most important person in any woman’s life and he can help her to deal with such a situation. He should stand by his wife in the difficult  times.

3. Health care

A mother  might neglect her health after such an incident, which is absolutely not  good. A mother should take care of her own health as per the doctor’s suggestion and  take proper nutritional supplements and medication for recovery from the delivery.

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  1. Pranoti Muley

    Nicely described situation of Mom-to-be and a Mother.. heart touching 🙂

  2. Such a sad story. I have had a miscarriage, so I can understand Ankitha’s pain. No pain is bigger than losing your baby. Because a woman becomes a mother the day she comes to know she is carrying a baby. Glad Ankitha conceived and delivered successfully later on. Even I have a 7 year old daughter now.

    • That’s very true Anshu, There can’t be any pain worse than this one. It’s a true story of a mother to whom I know since last 15 years. And it was heartwrenching to see her undergoing all this.

  3. I’m glad things turned out well for her eventually though it broke my heart to read about her loss.

  4. I have no words for the feelings I had once been through. It is difficult, too difficult to overcome it and am still trying to come out of it.

  5. losing a baby after carrying it for 9 months is ao painful. i can only empathize with her. it’s good to have loved ones support in such situations.

  6. A very touching tale. I am happy Anthika recovered and went on to have two healthy children.

  7. I got goosebumps reading it. It’s so nice of you to put the measures in this post.

  8. What a heartbreaking story, though with a happy ending…I had a friend who had a miscarriage and then her baby died 1 month after his birth! I know the feeling… Even my friend is now a mother of two beautiful girls… Family and friends play a huge role in situations like this… Their support and compassion is extremely important during such times..

  9. This is really a heartbreaking situation that Ankitha has faced. I am so happy that ultimately she came out of trauma and gave birth to two healthy babies.
    I liked the style how you have segmented the help and support people can give to the person.

  10. Heart-wrenching read.. and lovely of you to include some tips to cope!

  11. This true story is so beyond imagination but yes life partner’s support can definitely make a person strong.

  12. Can’t Imagine any woman going through this !! No couple should go through this !! Good that you have written tips how to cope up with such a tragic event in life.

    • Yeah, none should go through such a situation Neha. It’s a true story of a friend of mine and she could come out of it only because of her family. It was extremely heartbreaking to see her pain and tears. Thanks for reading it.

  13. My sister had a miscarriage and your story reminds me of the grief everyone went through. I’m happy that you have talked about the support measures that a parent needs to be given at this agonizing time.

  14. Losing a baby after carrying for 9 months can be heart wrenching. Help and support of family and friends goes a long way. It was good that Ankita later became proud mother of two children.

  15. No pain can be bigger than the loss of a child for a mom.
    #MyFriendAlexa #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  16. I can’t even imagine these situations. But I am happy that her life is good now ☺️

  17. I am sure the pain of the mom is unparalleled but with her weeps her entire clan. We have had a miscarriage in the family and it was so so so so painful to witness it. the feeling of helplessness was the prime reason for frustration in my mind.
    This is great post, so full of hope and love

    • I can’t be more happy, after reading your kind words on the post. Thank you for the encouraging compliments and I’m so sorry to hear your family member’s loss. We should support and care for those who go through such a situation.

  18. Oh gosh, I was getting goosebumps reading the story. I think this is one of the worst kinds of heartache for a mother. Glad that the lady had support and affection from the family.
    Great tips, however loss is irreversible but time has huge healing power.
    #MyFriendAlexa #gleefulreads

  19. This is a heart breaking account of a mother’s ordeal. And yet, I am aware that this doesn’t begin to sum up even a hundredth of the grief she feels.
    I liked the way you concluded the post with a shining ray of hope. It is true, those for whom you matter will never leave your side.

  20. Beautifully narrated. I could feel the pain of the mother. And great tips mentioned to deal with the situation

  21. Loss of a child irrespective of age is painful. I can relate with Ankitha’s loss. Glad she had strong family and most importantly husband’s support.

  22. What a heartbreaking and tragic story. Nobody should go through what the couple went through. Glad to know that Ankitha is happy now. #surreads #myfriendalexa #blogchatter

  23. How sad.. A void that can never be filled..

  24. Family support is critical for a mother to come out of depression. I am so glad that Ankitha could conceive later and is happy with her family and children.

  25. You had me in tears. At the end of 37 weeks, there was an entire evening when I couldn’t feel any baby movement and I was shit scared.
    Glad to know Ankitha now has children and is happy

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