How To Make Children’s Day Special For Your Kids?

Children’s day falls on 14 Th November every year and it’s the time to celebrate the childhood of children. Generally, schools and educational institutes organize programs for this special day and children enjoy it. But can we change the usual way of these celebrations? Yes, why not. Let’s see how we can do it. The best gift you can give your child is “your time”. So slow down from your fast-paced life and spend some sweet, special moments with children. Time flies and children grow very fast, so grab this opportunity of celebrating their childhood. Celebrate children’s day with your children and make it into a family affair with loads of fun activities for all. These moments will be memories to be cherished for a lifetime. Bring out your inner child and be your child’s friend.

There are many ways to be a child with your child and you can often try them without any occasion as well. If you are wondering to make this day special for your children, here are some awesome ideas you can do over the children’s day.

Be an artist

Art and craft
Art and craft

Let your children explore their inner creativity using art and craft. Children love painting, drawing, scribbling, making things. Be a child with your child and have a fun painting session to get colored. Bring out your inner child and don’t bother about the artistic mess in your house. Art and craft activity boost their imagination and gives a sense of achievement. It will be amazing to see them proud and content on the accomplishment of artistic things. Encourage them at every step in the process. You can go more creative using the following ways. Make best out of waste, DIY art, and craft masterpiece, decorate kid’s room, your room, with stickers, handmade paintings, crafts. (For artistic activities you can take help of YouTube DIY videos. You can use all easily available things at home for art activities.) Kids will enjoy decorating their room, house in their own ways.


childrens day

A play date is probably the simple, super energetic thing to do with your children. There are numerous benefits of playing outdoors and it would be the best activity for all. Be a child and initiate playing activity with your child. Decide and play your child’s favorite games indoor or outdoor. We know the importance of playing and it’s health benefits. Playtime can refrain to children from excessive screen time and keeps them physically fit. Make a play date as family and friends affair and Invite their friends and play games, sports, and races. Company of growing kids is very important and play dates give an opportunity to know your child’s friends better. You can guide him/her on selecting correct people as a friend. Along with good physical exercise, it’ll strengthen the bond between you and your child.

Go close to nature

you are looking for the meaningful day head towards nature. Let children befriend with sunlight, fresh air, birds, animals, hills, trees, waves, beaches. They will enjoy their new company. Visit nearby hills, beaches, monuments along with your children. They will learn about soil, climate, mountains, rocks, rivers with practical. It will be a good change and a relaxing experience for all. Planning trekking, camping like activity are perfect ways to get close to nature. The picnic is another ideal option for your getaway as children like to enjoy different rides, sights . Select their favourite place like amusement park water world, zoo, parks, and gardens for a picnic.

Have a Party

Plan a party with your children, friends and relatives. It will a chance to mingle with all while having lots of fun. Take the help of your children to organise a party, to invite guests and to cook snacks and drinks. Children would learn many socail skills while helping you. Include activities like singing , dancing, playing games in the party. Bring out your inner child and actively participate in all party fun ideas.

Plan a Surprise


Surprise your tiny tots on this children’s day with interesting gifts like books, toys, and DIY kits, stationary. Select interesting thing for gifting to your child.Hide gifts under child’s pillow and get ready to see their reactions. Or surprise can be a delicious, home-cooked special treat for your children. Make favourite snacks and delectable desserts for their meals and see the happiness on kid’s face. You can make this day more special with all such sweet nothings. Your children will absolutely love these surprises planned for them.

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Wish you all happy children’s day!!

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