Mama earth’s mineral based sunscreen- product review

Mineral based sunscreen
Mineral based sunscreen

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About the brand, Mama earth

Curious parents researched and invented Mama Earth brand for their first baby. As they found difficult to get safe, natural and toxin-free products in the market. Along with baby, they have launched products for mommies as well. Mama earth is honest, natural and safe for all. It offers the products which are 100 % toxin free and perfectly gentle for you. The most important thing about them is products are made with all natural ingredients. And Mama Earth is the first “Made Safe” Certified brand in Asia.

More about the Mama earth baby products

Mama earth baby product has been sent to me by brand for review. I have used the products on my kids for a few days. Here is the detailed review of the following baby product.

1. Mineral based sunscreen lotion.

Sunscreen for babies
Sunscreen for babies

What it claims:

Mama earth’s mineral based ssunscreen claimsto give complete sun protection to your has the best mineral, Zinc oxide with an SPF level of 20 which makes it the best form of sun protection your baby can get. It provides a waterproof layer of safety which protects the skin from any kind of damage from the harmful UVA & UVB rays. Cocoa and shea butter in our sunscreen moisturises your little  one’s skin while Aloe Vera extracts helps the skin soothe. This mineral based sunscreen allows your baby to have a fun filled day full of protection while splashing about in the water. Mama earth’s sunscreen comes with a Made Safe certification and hence is the best sun protection you could chose for your baby.

Ingredients of the Mineral Based Sunscreen:

If you look at the ingredients used for making these products carefully, you will find all the ingredients used for making mineral based sunscreen for babies are natural.

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Ingredients :

Zinc Oxide Caprylic Capric Tri Glyceride Glyceryl Stearate cocoa butter shea butter rice bran oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, Sorbitan Olivate Tocopheryl Acetate Wheat germ Oil, Aloe Vera Extract

Directions for use:

Here are directions to use the sunscreen lotion.

Apply on exposed skin before taking the baby out in sun or swimming. Protection lasts for two hours. Do not apply on wounds.

My review of this product:

I have used this lotion for my 2 year old daughter while going out. She loves to be outdoor for playing most of the time and thus needs sunscreen protection. It has a pleasant fragrance and gets absorbed in the skin easily. Though the longer use of the sunscreen lotion will show more effects of it I liked the product. It’s mildness is perfect for young kids.

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How much it Costs:

INR Rs.299.00 for 100 ml

Where to buy:

You can buy mama earth products from their website

Do I recommend this product?

Mommies if you are looking for the safe, natural and effective product for your baby, then go for buying Mama Earth’s baby products. You will surely like it.  I recommend this baby product to mommies.

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