Memorable incident in my life


Don’t be serious by reading the post title, Actually it’s about an interesting and memorable incident. Today I want to share one of my memorable experiences which once brightened my day.Being raised in middle class Indian family I have been taught to respect elders and care for them since my childhood. In India righteousness , values is given more importance than anything else and parents want their children to inculcate all right values.My parents are not an exception and they want me good human being. Now I am parent of two children and I am trying to pass all right values to them. I admit it’s challenging to raise children with all right values, but I try my level best. We know the learning process of children starts from early childhood and children learn everything from the adults. Children learn many things from observation and we as a parent can set example for them.

About the memorable incident:

I live in foreign country and people here know me by my nationality moreover than by my name. Being Indian is my identity here and it gives me sense of uniqueness. I have few elderly neighbours living in my apartment. Being mother of two kids I am always on my toes. I go out to pick up and drop both the children to schools, classes, activities and playgrounds. So generally I meet my neighbours many times and we talk to each other.

Over the period of time they we have become friends of each other and we share good bond. Whenever I’m in hurry I make sure to find few minutes to talk with these aunties and uncles. And over the period of time we had very good bond of friendship in between us. Few of them guide me about parenting and child care as well. I like to talk with them and they enjoy my company too. I have one Chinese neighbour aunty and she is very sweet by nature. We usually talk with each other and aunty shares many interesting things with me. Once when I was returning back to home after dropping my daughter to school I met this aunty.And aunty told me“I want to compliment you. Today’s young generation is very busy in their fast lives. People hardly find time for elder people like us. Youngsters think that elders don’t have anything happening in life to share with. These generation people hardly bother about us. They don’t want to interact with us. But you are so different my child; you always have time to talk with us. The two minutes talk with you brings the smile on our face. The concern which you show for us is greatest thing you have. Be always same my child and spread happiness as you are doing now. I adore our wonderful upbringing, the culture and the values you follow. Love you and gods bless you always!!”

And these precious blessings from aunty made my day; it was more than any trophy for me. I knew wonderful words by the aunty were for my values, the culture and the country I belong to. People around the world appreciate Indian culture and values. I never thought my two minutes communication in jiffy was so much important for the aunty. I get happy if I could bring smile on someone’s face, but in reality i always enjoyed talking with aunty and other neighbours.Actually we all need to express our feelings and it’s great to meet someone who listen us with care. Listening carefully to others, modesty, respecting elders has been taught to me since childhood and thus it comes naturally in my behaviour.I feel I got blessed by aunty for my Indian values.

We meet many people, but few of them live footprints on our heart and this lovely lady has given me the memory to cherish for lifetime.




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