Mother’s anxiety -How to tackle it?

Are you all time thinking about your kids ? are you too much worrying about your kids and their well-being? do you get exhausted unnecessarily? Do you get scared without any reason? do you spend the sleepless night because of the fear? Do you get nightmares every other day? Then you may have anxiety disorder.. wait let’s get to know more about it. Do you also have these fears – What if my baby falls? What if my baby chokes, what if my boy drowns while learning swimming? What if my girl fails in the exam? these and many “what if’s”  are making your life miserable, and they are enough to make anxious. There isn’t any answer to all these  “If’s”  as these all “IF’s” are just thoughts, unrealistic fears are an indication that you have an anxiety disorder.

Is it ridicules? There are variations of anxiety disorder and anyone can have it. What’s this?  An anxiety. It’s a habit of continuous worrying. When kids are younger the worries are different? when they grow there will be a different set of worries. Mother’s anxiety may affect children and the whole family in many ways When you have kids there will be challenges, problems at every stage. Being mother you care for children and it’s obvious to have worries but don’t let that worries take over you. If you have many such unnecessary thoughts, fears then it’s best to talk to your doctor about this. A mother should be healthy and fit to lead a happy family. Bringing you a small guide to help tackle the anxiety disorder.

1. Take a help

If you have small kids then ask your family and friends to babysit for some time. If you are a mother of older kids, then take help from grandparents, immediate family to address kids issues. Sometimes overloading with to-do’s can be the reason behind your stress, fear, anxiety disorder. Hire a help for doing your household choreus to reduce your burden, it will give you some free time to relax.

2. Talk 

It’s the best way to tell about your concerns to someone who cares for you. You can select anyone to discuss your concerns, like a friend, relative, fellow mommy, parents, husband. They may relate to your situation and find out the solution to the problem. Many times the problem which is big for you is the really simple thing for someone else. By knowing their perspective you might also feel tension free. Sharing of problems helps to feel light.

3. Meditation

Meditation allows you to allows you to slow down and helps to achieve mindfulness. if you practice meditation daily, it helps to overcome anxiety, and reduce tension in your body. Practice meditation daily. Spend a few minutes to meditate and you will see the difference in few days. Unnecessary fears and worries will get vanished with the regular practice of meditation.

4. Be positive

being anxious all time may keep the reason behind your exhaustion. So try to be positive in every situation. don’t lose your hope for every other thing. tell yourself this shall also pass soon and your kids will grow to become mature human beings. stop worrying for every small thing and always hope for the best. Acceptance is the key to happiness, so accept the fact coming in your way. Anxiety will definitely leave you, if you change your attitude.

5. Switch off from the gadgets

If you are checking your phone every other minute and worrying for every small update on it. If every call, message from your kid’s school, kids freinds scares you, then it’s an alarming situation. You are thinking too much and how to stop it? It’s simple, Detach yourself from the phone, gadget immediately. Checking your gadgets always might be the reason for your panic, fear and anxiety. It keeps you connected and over-occupied all time. reduce use of these gadgets and try to live in present.Instead spend time in pursuing your hobbies or reading books.

6. Exercise

Exercise is the best stress buster, reduces tension and it elevates the mood. However busy you make sure to take out an half hour in a day for yourself. Select any physical activity as per your convenience like walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, yoga ,zumba. If you have small kids at home, start with a simple to do exercise at home. Which you can do easily while looking after your baby.

7. Listen to music

Include habit of listening to music in your daily routine. Switch on your favourite or soothing music and then do your household chores. Music has a positive effect on your mind and body. It helps to feel relax and relieves your stress and anxiety. Music helps to feel energetic.

Stop worrying  and take a step towards “Happy you” and anxiety will definitely leave you. We wish you all the best for your journey to happiness.

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  1. Nice, being a mother I can correlate very well

  2. Great list. It is important to remember to take time for yourself too.

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