My word of the year 2019 : Mindfullness


I am participating in the word of the year challenge hosted by Corinne of Everyday Gyaan. I have to pick up one word that I will follow and that will propel me forward in the new year 2019. I choose – Mindfulness.

A few months back I attended the session on meditation conducted by the renowned speaker. His knowledge of the subject and command on the language was undeniable. While explaining about exhaustion he said humans get drained because of their continuous thought process. Overthinking is more exhausting than continuous physical exertion. He proposed wonderful techniques to keep the mind calm. Actually, a healthy mind is necessary for having a healthy body. The session got over, but I stuck on the word mindfulness.

I started thinking about my lifestyle and found I lack, mindfulness. If the school bus comes late? – My mind runs to find the reasons behind it. If my kids didn’t eat the lunch box- my mind runs to find the reasons behind it. If my house help didn’t turn up – my mind runs to find the reasons behind it.  That is too much of work for the mind. Why I have chosen mindfulness as a word of the year because I want to stop overthinking. This unnecessary worrying is the cause of anxiety, depression, and exhaustion. I understood from the session that,  continuous worrying is most dangerous to mental health. And I have decided to change it this year with the mindfulness.

What is mindfulness?

So it’s obvious to have a question, what’s mindfulness? Here is the very simple definition of mindfulness.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. – Buddha”

Mindfulness means – we should take control over our thoughts and start living in present. Just only present and nothing else.

Action plan for achieving mindfulness:

What can be done to achieve mindfulness:

Controlling thoughts

Mindfulness means living fully in the present moment and controlling our own thoughts. But, it’s a tough task to control our own thoughts. Thousands of thoughts run through our mind in a daytime. For breaking the thought process we have to concentrate on the present moment. So break the thoughts and forget all worries to be more joyous.


Practicing meditation is the best way to achieve mindfulness. meditation not only helps to heal our mind but also the body. Anyone can do meditation and it’s absolutely easy to learn. Just start by taking time to pause from your busy life and breathe. Slowly start concentrating on your breathing and you will see the magical difference in yourself. The speaker of the session which I attended said, Meditation is the perfect way to illuminate our lives.


Mindfulness helps you to be calm and happy and we can experience our inner happiness by controlling the thoughts. This quote perfectly explains the happiness in one sentence.

“Be happy at the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more. -mother Teresa”

If you want to be happy, practice mindfulness.Also you would love to check some interesting tips to be happy – By art of living.

It was all about my word for the year 2019. If we think carefully, 1st January is same as any other day of the year, but we can make it more meaningful by having the resolution to change our lives. My resolution for the year 2019 is giving more time to myself. Actually, I have decided to make 2019 as a self-improvement year. We can accomplish anything if we decide to do it- So what’s your word for 2019?

Let’s make our 2019 unstoppable together.


  1. Well said on mindfulness.

  2. A great word that actually describes the way of life for a peaceful journey as we graduate every day with new experiences.
    Wishing you a great year ahead.

  3. A great word to guide your journey of this year Rupali. Wishing you a great year ahead.

  4. Mindfulness is such a wonderful way to live life

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