The mystery unfolded- Ekkadiki ee parugu season 2

A few days back I watched a ZEE5 launch, Telugu web series Ekkadiki ee parugu season 1 and it left me intrigued. I watched all 6 episodes and expected that the mystery will resolve. But it mystefied me to the extent to desperately wait for it’s next season. On last Friday, when my hubby asked me about the weekend plan, I exclaimed immediately, We’ll Relax at home. Actually, I had seen the trailer of ekkadiki ee parugu season 2 and couldn’t wait to watch it. He too is movie buff and loves to watch suspense thrillers. Let me tell you that we had a wonderful weekend watching this excellent mystery. And I must admit it is more intriguing and enthralling than the previous season. Following are some points which make this season 2 a must watch for all.

What you can expect from season 2 of the web series:

New characters

In the second season, makers have introduced new characters along with the leads in last season. Everyone has done the commendable job to pull out their respective characters and brought new angles to the story. All my presumption about the real culprit became false with the new entries. The search for real culprit broadens in this season. I even started mapping suspects, along with the inspector. This mapping game absolutely glued me to the screen. The needle kept on rotating on each and every suspect throughout the series.

ekkadiki ee parugu

Interesting twists and turns

This season is full of unexpected twists and turns. Director has done an excellent job of weaving the sequences and chain of events to make it intriguing. Every episode increases your curiosity and leads you to watch the next episode. The blast in the hotel blows your senses and gets you anxious enough to check Madhur’s safety. It’s thrilling to watch his escape and chase to find the culprit. The deadly attacks on the ¬†Inspector is another unexpected turn in this season. Then Ravi and Raghav’s entry brings a new dimension to the story. Panur’ gets missing again from the kidnapper’s gang. These consequences bring a new bunch of questions and the audience struggle to find their answers.

Mystery unfolding

There are some dark and violent scenes, bomb blasts and action sequences in few episodes. But apart from it, the story gets executed in a fantastic way. You struggle hard to find the real culprit and his motive behind the crimes. This is the victory of a story, that the audience gets involved in it. In last season audience didn’t have many options to point as a culprit but in this season terrifying consequences deepens the mystery. And It’s exhilarating to watch it get unfolded. Apart from the impressive star cast, the direction this web series has amazing camera work, which perfectly unfolds the truth. Believe me, it’s not less than a blockbuster thriller movie.

The plus point of this Telugu web series is you can watch it in Hindi and other regional languages as well. If you like to watch mysteries and had watched last season then, I would highly recommend you to watch season 2.

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