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My phone rang for the third time, and I had to pick up a call.” How many times do you call me? I need to sleep”I murmured. “But it’s more than a week since you extended your sleep hours. We must visit a doctor and check the reason.” My husband said. I woke up to check the time and it was 10 a.m. in the morning. Generally, I never sleep until late in the morning. But since last few days, I was having excess fatigue and couldn’t feel like doing anything. I have a phobia of visiting the hospital and was avoiding to visit, but now there wasn’t an option. After preliminary checkup and medical tests, we were waiting for the doctor in his consulting room.

He explained about the normalcy of medical reports and asked about my daily routine. After carefully listening to my routine and activities he suggested changing many things. First thing was to reduce excess weight and next to important thing was to start rigorous physical activity. My BP was on the lower side causing giddiness and fatigue. Inactivity, anxiety might be the reason behind my fatigue and giddiness. I faced this earlier as well but ignored considering it as exertion fatigue. This time when it didn’t go for several days, we visited a doctor. The doctor prescribed some multivitamins and medication for giddiness. Also, he warned to adopt a healthy lifestyle, instead of taking medicines for a prolonged period. I couldn’t remember the exact period when I stopped giving time to exercising. I was puzzled and thinking about how to shift to a healthy lifestyle. Doctor asked me to go for cardio exercise at least 3 times a week for improved blood circulation.

It was tough to find time for gym from my busy routine with two kids so, I decided to start with jogging, but then again I needed consistent pushing for it. It would have been great if I could track my daily activities and results. Hubby showed me the phone lying on the table. How could I forget about my stylish and smartest belonging? Immediately I picked up the phone and got a few apps. These APPS are helpful to track your daily activity, diet, heart rate etc.  I Started with counting my daily steps and increased it to 6000-7000 per day. Initially, weight loss looked impossible but then I could check my cardio activity, calories burnt and calorie intake. I changed my diet according to health APP tips. I started tracking my calories intake and sleep patterns, resulting in positive changes. In short, I could slowly change my lifestyle with the help of a smartphone. Thanks to smartphone and now I have got smartwatch as well. I feel quite confident by using these smart products. Nowadays smart products are helping everyone in many ways. Flipkart is one such destination to get your all smart wearables to need to be addressed and now they have launched #Getfitwithflipkart campaign. Being online shopping freak mommy I am very well aware of the wide range of products offered by Flipkart. It has everything from smartwatches, fitness bands, smart speakers, smart security cameras to other smart home devices. Having these products is definitely a revolution #SmartHomeRevolution for your home.

I have got my smartphone and now smartwatch from Flipkart. What’s your favorite smart product?

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