What to pack in your gym bag


Mom, where is my lunch box? Mom, I couldn’t see my water bottle? the constant questions pouring from kids couldn’t irk me. Along with packing their things for school, I was packing my own bag for the gym too. I was excited to start my gym. After trying exercises like walking, yoga I thought of giving try to the gym. It’s not the case, that gym is very far and inaccessible, but somehow I ignored it.

Hubby teased me, “Gym all of sudden ? is everything ok? ” And then I have to reveal the real reason. Before two weeks I saw Mrs. Arora wearing a baby pink shirt and black track pants, she was holding an attractive bag in her hand. I was surprised to see her early in the morning crossing the road. I couldn’t hold my surprise and asked her where is she heading? when she exclaimed gym, I felt inferior of not doing anything. (the woman in me screamed-this is the reason she looks so young and looks at yourself.) Then after returning home, the thought of joining gym kept on lingering in my mind for a week and day before yesterday I enrolled myself to the gym. My better half couldn’t stop laughing to see my new craze about a gym.

He said, after yoga, walk let’s hope you will be consistent in at least this activity?

Actually, he is true, I keep on changing my fitness goals and have complained about everything. This time I was more determined and went shopping to buy everything which Mrs. Arora was wearing. (probably I was feeling envy of her physique and fitness.) I bought everything and couldn’t wait to rush for registration. After paying the big fat amount as a registration fee I became a member of the gym for 6 months. I felt, the sky is the only limit and I would look fit like Mrs. Arora. I entered the gym on the very first day and didn’t know what to do? I started copying others and somehow completed my first 30 minutes of workout. I felt thirsty, hungry and uncomfortable because of the sweating. I didn’t know what to pack in the gym bag so I didn’t have anything to comfort myself. After reaching home I made a list of things to pack in the gym bag and kept everything without fail.

Water bottle

This is the must-have in your gym bag or any workout bag. Keep one bottle of water and drink it during your workout breaks. It is important to keep yourself hydrated during any exercise session.

Comfy wear

Wear comfy clothes for your workout session and pack another pair of clothes in your bag. These clothes can be used after taking shower. Don’t forget to keep a clean and soft face towel and a big towel. Make sure to wear properly fitting shoes and freshly washed socks. If you like o listen to music while workout then takes headphones to plug-in.


It’s always good to start your exercise with a light snack. Following are some of the perfect options as a snack during workout energy bars, oats bars, fruits, and nuts bar etc.


Having a protein shake after your workout helps to maintain energy level. You can have an isotonic drink as well for better hydration.


A workout session may cause excess sweating and it’s necessary to take bath. Keep your complete toiletries in your bag. Make sure to keep tissue, hand sanitizers, and handkerchief. Keep moisturizer or sunscreen as per your skin requirement.Keep two-three plythene bags for carying wet clothes,towels etc.

With this bag, you are completely ready for the gym. Let your fitness journey be as preapred as you are.


  1. a water bottle, fragrance and a towel is what you will find in my gym bag

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