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Welcoming baby is definitely exciting and to be cherished for lifetime moment.Every parent has many plans to welcome their bundle of joy in world.For healthy pregnancy, normal delivery hospital stay is not necessary.As when  baby and mommy doing well they can go back home on same day of delivery. But for C-section delivery and other health complication of baby / mommy hospital stay is necessary. Hospital stay duration depends on the health of baby, mommy and type of delivery. For you hospital stay during delivery some early preparation is necessary.As labour pain may start any time in last month of pregnancy.So it’s always good to pack your hospital bag for labor stay one month or before due date.

I have stayed in hospital twice for both my deliveries. My first delivery was on due date and second delivery was 2 weeks before due date. Both deliveries were C-section and  I stayed for 7 days after delivery in hospital.I packed the bags before one month of due date just as a precaution and to avoid last minute hurry. This early packing helped me and my family during hospital stay. It saved efforts of everybody as everything needed was available in bag.If you are in your last trimester or need to stay in hospital for your delivery check following list ,which will be helpful for packing bags.

Things necessary for your hospital stay:


Few hospitals provide clothes for patients. But it is always better to have your own clothes ready in hospital. Make sure  you have purchased feeding clothes  prior  to your due date. Keep  at least  3-4 Clean and soft cotton feeding gowns in your hospital bag for labor. Soft cotton Feeding bras  and inners in set . Scarves to cover head and ears. As it’s been said that covering/protecting ears from direct air is necessary for mother for initial few days after delivering baby.


As new mommy has to start feeding baby and  it needs energy. Keep some snacks with you  for that hunger pangs or for eating before feeding baby. Also keep Water bottle, disposable plates,  thermos  flask, bowls ,spoon and some biscuits.

3.Winter wear:

If its winter then keep all  winter clothes(Sweater, muffler ,socks, blankets) for mother and baby.Generally women are asked to use scarf to cover their ears up to few days after delivery. Choose clothes as per the weather in you place to avoid inconvenience and last minute hurry.


Keep all necessary toiletries and sanitary pads in your bag. Don’t forget to take  hand sanitizer ,cotton balls, cotton towels and slippers in hospital bag for labor .Keep mosquito repellent machines and mosquito nets for covering baby.


Keep clean and  soft cotton bed sheets , blanket in hospital bag. Also keep small pillow which will be useful to hold baby in perfect position for feeding her. Keep alarm clock for monitoring milk feeding intervals especially during night.Mommy needs some time to adjust with baby’s feeding intervals and alarm clocks help for waking up during night.

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