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10 Causes of my poor digestion

I have suffered very severe stomach bacterial infection and it took around 6 weeks to get it diagnosed and treated.I had to get hospitalized for treatment and underwent numerous medical tests for dignosis. Very high dose of antibiotics are used for controlling my bacterial infection. After discharge from hospital i […]

Child proofing

Two year old Ryan was playing in the living room with his mother. There was a knock on the door and  his mother went to check .When mother went out to open door ,little one found perfect time to swallow small plastic ring of the toy. And then everyone in […]

Effective sleeping habits for children

  Children need sound sleep for better development. Lack of sleep /less sleep makes children cranky, tearful and more prone to tantrums. And thus  parents know that  making children sleep when they are cranky is best option.Irregular bedtimes may also be harmful for children and researchers have found that children […]

Ragi porridge or nachani satv

  Nachani satva or ragi porridge is very nutritious for kids and elderly too.Ragi is very rich in iron , rich in calcium , Amino acid and antioxidants. Ragi has high dietary fiber content which promotes better digestion . The high calcium and iron contents in ragi is useful for […]

How to bath newborn baby

Many babies love water as it reminds them of the cosy, watery world of the mother’s womb. So bathing makes them happy. Once navel of baby gets healed bath can be given generally after 3-4 days  after  birth bath is given to  new born babies . But it is always […]

Bread Pan cake or bread uttapam

Bread pan cake or bread uttapam is instant uttapam recipe. Its easy to make as well. No fermentation is required for making batter of this uttapam. When there are leftover breads and nobody wants to eat breads ,bread uttapam is very good option to do makeover of leftover breads. It […]

Disciplining using time out

Time out is generally used in sports.And its effective discipline technique for kids .It is not punishment but a technique that takes children away from the activities which are causing conflict in their behavior and gives them the time and space that they may need to calm down and think […]

Home Remedies for cold and cough in children

When a child falls ill,  it’s toughest thing for parents to see their little one in pain. Cold and cough are commonly faced problems by children.There are various reasons like weather change , place change, allergies to certain things which can cause cold,cough  in children.For comforting them some home remedies […]

Home made baby food

After starting solids to baby  what to give ? is biggest question mother has. As young babies cant chew and thus digest the food.There are many baby foods available in the market and which are easy to digest for young babies. Instead of using any packed outside baby food home […]

Semolina pancakes

Pancake is one of the favorite dish of my  kids. I make sweet as well savory pancakes and today’s post is about semolina  savory pancakes. For making it I have used semolina and grated vegetables .I have used carrots ,onions and cabbage, You can use any choice of vegetables for […]