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Thandai lassi

Thandai means coolant and its prefect coolant for this hot summer. Summer is the season for drinking variety of coolants, juices, sarabat , panna drinks. I like to drink lassi as a cooler. So I made lassi  the favourite with different flavour of thandai masala.  Thandai is special drink served […]

Masala buttermilk recipe

Its summer and season of chilled drinks.Buttermilk is popular cold drink made using curd at home.Its served on street side specially during summer.Masala buttermilk is flavored butter milk with few vegetables and spices. Spices used for making flavored buttermilk can be of choice like dry ginger,black pepper,cumin, black salt or […]

Moong sprouts appe recipe

Moong sprouts are rich source of protein,thiamin,niacin like nutrients. Sprouts are extremely nutritious and can be made from different seeds,beans.As sprouts are beneficial food for good digestion and weight loss also,I started eating sprouts  daily .Everyday eating plain sprouts for breakfast was getting bored, so I though of making different […]

children play

Tips for planning outdoor play for children

Nowadays children are more busy with the school curriculum, studies, and activity classes. And if they get any free time, its spent with electronic gadgets like  television, smart phones, tabs, laptops. We could hardly see children playing outside. Actually outdoor playing is extremely important for child’s physical, mental and social […]


Khichadi is extremely popular one pot meal .Its made up of rice ,lentils ,variety of vegetables and selected spices. It tastes yummy and takes very less time and ingredients to cook. I like khichadi and always make it when I feel tired or lazy of cooking complete meal. Any of […]

Sago porridge recipe

Sago porridge is a good option for toddlers (at least 1 year old) as its easy to chew. Variety of  porridge like semai kheer , semolina kheer ,almonds kheer can be given to toddlers.Kids like the taste of sago and its structure like ball Sago porridge or sabudana kheer is […]

Egg curry recipe

I like anything made using eggs. I try to include eggs in kid’s diet as much as possible. Boiled eggs are ideal breakfast for anyone, and thus it’s our family favourite breakfast. I make eggs mayonnaise sandwich, eggs omelette and scrambled egg most of the time. Egg curry is made […]

Onion and coriander multigrain paratha or dhapate

Dhapate is type of roti /paratha made using multi grain flours, vegetables and spices. It tastes awesome with curd/ raita /homemade butter. It’s widely made in western part of India. It’s very popular breakfast/ brunch recipe and multi-grains in it make it healthy option. Jowar flour/Atta, wheat flour/Atta, chickpeas flour […]

Peanut and jaggery ladoos

Peanut ladoos are extremely nutritious as Peanuts are rich source of proteins,vitamin E, folate,fats and niacin. jaggery is rich in calcium and iron. These ladoos make ideal snack for growing kids, pregnant women and people having low hemoglobin.As iron in it helps to increase hemoglobin very fast. For making this […]

100 th post :Paneer masala curry

Hello all,Today’s post is 100 the post on my blog and I’m extremely happy to share it. Generally finding time for pursuing your passion is difficult. When I started blogging similar was my situation. It was tough to manage two children, house and blog. But slowly I learned to balance […]

Carrots porridge recipe

Carrots porridge is very tasty and nutrition packed dessert made using carrots and cashew nuts. Carrots are rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and full of antioxidants so including carrots in more quantity in diet is very beneficial. Carrots kheer can be given to babies /infants as […]