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Antimicrobial countertops – do they really help?

Today’s kitchen is smart kitchen and many new inventions helping to make our life easy in kitchen. Latest in the series is Antimicrobial countertops for kitchen.Let’s see more about it in today’s  guest post by Jenny holt . Jenny  is  freelance writer  who works  for a small building services company […]

Mama earth India products review

What is mama earth “ Mama earth is  start-up by the parents ,for the parents which exists to solve seemingly little problems of young parents by providing certified toxin free, international standard products.” Curious parents researched and invented Mama earth brand for their first baby. As they found  difficulty to […]

6 tricks for baking perfect cake

  Both my kids love eating cakes and cupcakes.I always used to buy cakes ,cupcakes from bakery. But bakery cakes may have chemicals used  for raising  it which can be harmful. So I decided to learn baking cakes at home.Initially i found it very tough as most of my recipes […]

Amrakhand or mango shrikhand

Amrakhand is type of shrikhand which is  made using  mangoes and fresh curd. Shrikhand is delicious dessert and has variety of recipes for making it. At my place shrikhand is ideally served with puri and it’s absolutely feast to have this combo. I often make different types of shrikhand  and […]

Coconut modak

It’s festival time and everyone is busy in preparations for Ganesha chaturthy. Its time of the year to welcome lord Ganesha at our home.Ganesha chaturthy is incomplete without these tiny,tasty modak. Lord Ganesha loves sweets and Modak is his favorite sweet. I like traditional rice flour modak with coconut and […]

5 steps guide to welcome lord Ganesh

Ganesh is Lord of wisdom, prosperity and every new work is started by worshiping him.Ganesh Chaturthi is time to welcome lord Ganesh at house. The Ganesh Chaturthi festival  is observed for 10  days across most parts of India. For these days lord Ganesh  worshiped with offering ,flowers and arti. On […]

Lauki halawa

Bottle guard is nutrition rich in vitamin C, Zinc, Thiamine, Dietary fibres. I use bottle gourd mostly in curries. But my kids don’t like it and that’s why I started making dessert using it. It’s very simple recipe and tastes fantastic. My mother used to make carrots halawa and Lauki […]

9 steps guide to bathing newborn baby

Many mommies are scared to handle the newborn baby while bathing , but don’t worry as babies enjoy it. New born babies love water as it reminds them of the cosy, watery world of the mother’s womb ,so bathing makes them happy. Generally bathing newborn baby has to be start […]

8 smart kitchen hacks to save your time

Women can save their time in kitchen by implementing few kitchen hacks. Some efforts can make your kitchen smart and smart kitchen can save your time while cooking.It will be helpful to avoid any kind of inconvenience to you and your family.There are numerous ways, kitchen hacks to use your […]

Peanut coconut chutney

Few  dishes and its taste leave their mark on you. It’s about the chutney (side dish )served with idli , dosa at my college canteen. It’s almost  12 years back and I absolutely remember it’s  taste now also. It was so tasty that people used to visit canteen only for […]

A better florist – Singapore’s revolutionary florist

Flowers are important as they are usually used as a token of appreciation, expression of love, happiness or grief. Flowers have healing properties and joyful impact on human mind and that’s the reason beautifully curated flower bouquet can relax our mood and bring cheerful smile on face.Certain florist in Singapore […]

Our mesmerizing trip to Genting highlands

It’s another travel blog time and todays post is about Genting highlands and Kuala lampur Malaysia trip. We planned this trip as kids wanted to go to Genting highlands theme parks. Genting highlands are famous for its awesome weather and serene mountains, lush valleys amusement parks, restaurants, casino and recreation […]