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Pampers premium care pants – product review

Recently I started using Pampers premium care pants ( Extra Large Size Diaper Pants) for my baby and its truly amazing. Pampers had sent these diaper pants for my baby. It has extra than everything a diaper pants has. For  growing and active toddlers a diaper with more soaking capacity, […]

Pampers Active baby diapers review

I have used Pampers diapers for my baby since her birth. When she was infant her doctor suggested using these diapers for her. And since then I preferred using the same diapers for her. Initially, I was worried about selecting good diapers, correct size for my baby, but pampers solved this […]

Trip to Kusu island

Once for the long weekend we’re searching places nearby Singapore and our search landed on Kusu Island. It’s an island located in the south of Singapore. It takes 40 min by ferry to reach Kusu Island.There are many interesting things associated with “Kusu Island” and the first thing is its […]

Chickpeas & cabbage pan cake Recipe

Sara is picky eater and wants some kind of roti for all her meals. When I don’t want to make roti or chapatti I go for chickpeas pan cake. I give it to her saying its yellow coloured roti. Chickpeas pancake is known as besan chila and its quick recipe. […]

Mango lassi recipe

Summer is the season of cold drinks, ice creams and off course mangoes. Nothing can beat the taste of sweet, juicy  and aromatic mangoes. My house is full of mangoes and I try to make variety of recipes using it. I like mango in any form. For satisfying mango craving […]

Semolina sheera recipe

Semolina sheera is made from Semolina.Its famous in western parts of india and often made for naivadyam( Offerings to god )on festivals and auspicious occasions.I make it for my kids for their snacks. Its easy to make  and easy to digest also.Its good food for babies as well. There are […]

Our trip to Jurong bird park

Today’s post is about our visit to the – beautiful, colourful world of feathers, Jurong bird park Singapore. It’s Asia’s  largest bird park which has birds of many different species found across the world. Its home to 5000 birds and 4000 species. mportant thing about this bird sanctuary is it […]

Tomato peanut chutaney

Tomato chutaney is favorite and must have side dish for dosas ,idali ,wadas like south indian dishes. It can be served with puri ,paratha or roti as well.I use this multi purpose chutaney for making vegetable sabdwiches also. I use it as a fresh home made spread for applying on […]

Eggless cake recipe using pressure cooker

Making eggless cake was on my to-do list from many days. I have many friends who are pure vegetarians. I like to bake cakes for all our parties and potlucks. But vegetarian friends couldn’t eat cakes with eggs, so I decided to learn eggless cake for them. When I tried […]

Saffron and pistachios ice cream recipe

Ice cream must be most favourite summer cooler for many people. I make  variety of ice cream recipes at home. Mango flavour ice cream is my most favourite ice cream, but I have to wait for alphanso mangoes till summer. Today’s post is about kesar pista ice cream recipe, it’s […]