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diarrhea in baby

Effective tips for curing the diarrhea in babies

Young babies are more prone to ¬†Diarrhoea and there might be many reasons behind it. Weather change, infections, food allergies, impure water or food can cause the discomfort. If your child has diarrhoea then consult a doctor immediately, as it may lead to dehydration. It is extremely important to take […]

peshave udyan

8 Parks and places in Pune to go with kids

Pune is known for its awesome weather and many historical places. The city is surrounded by many naturally beautiful places, ideal for the weekend getaway. If you are living in Pune then one more interesting fact about the place is that it has many family-friendly places in it. These parks […]

vegetable wrap

Vegetable wraps

Weekends are meant to take rest and relax. We start our day late and prefer a lavish breakfast. On this Sunday I had many vegetables in the fridge, so I was thinking of vegetables packed recipe. Hubby suggested me to make something light as well. And I made this vegetable […]

kids movies

12 Top movies to watch with kids

1.Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda tells the delightful story of clumsy¬† Po – the panda who is prophesized to bring peace to China by destroying an evil kung fu warrior. How Po plans and achieves his goal is the complete story. This delightful movie gives very important lesson of […]

jurong bird park

49 Wonderful places to visit with kids in Singapore

Singapore is absolutely paradise for kids, as it has many family-friendly places to visit. It’s famously known as the city of gardens as well for the famous gardens in it. Singapore also has many playgrounds(indoor/outdoor/water playgrounds) for children of all age.You can find museums, zoo, beaches, aquariums, water play grounds, […]