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lunch idea

Healthy vegetarian lunch ideas for kids -1

Hi friends, Hope you are well and school vacation is going on smoothly. After indoor game ideas post, today’s post is about healthy eating for children. Kids don’t eat vegetable portions their meals. Generally, kids don’t like vegetables because of the taste, texture, color etc. And sometimes there is absolutely […]

lotus sun block

Lotus herbals sun block cream-review

It’s summertime and sunscreen time 🙂 If you go out in the sun frequently, make sure to keep the sunscreen handy. Recently I went home for the short vacation and roamed around. And the scorching summer heat and sun rays resulted in tanning. It was a visible difference in the […]

summer vacation

15 Fun games to play during summer vacation

Mom where’s my video game? have you hidden it somewhere? I don’t understand why you hide it , when I need it the most!! This was fuming 10-year-old Nil. It’s summer vacation time and Nil passes his time by playing video games. This is common picture seen in every household, […]

pizza hut

Foodies Your Pizza Is Here!

Food, it does not need any introduction as it is the most basic necessity for human beings and you cannot survive without it. Not just only for the hunger, human beings have been fascinated with food since the beginning and they have found ways to make it more delicious to […]

Sara’s act of kindness

It was Friday evening and a playground was full of kids. I and kids go to the playground every day and I monitor them while playing. As it was Friday kids wanted to play till late in the evening. Siya went to play with her friends and Sara came with […]

Summer skirts

6 Stylish clothes to make you summer ready

Hey mommies, watts up? Its summertime and heat are increasing. How are you gearing up to face the summer heat? Some lifestyle changes and the clothes you wear can make your summer bearable. We have come up with stylish and comfortable clothes ideas. Select your clothes wisely and follow some […]

Turi beach resort

Weekend getaway to Batam Indonesia

We wanted to visit Batam (Indonesia) since long. So when we planned to visit this lovely island in this march, kids were super excited. We planned this trip with siya’s friends as kids could enjoy together. Batam is the favourite weekend getaway for many as it is nearby from Singapore. […]

Working mom

7 Smart tips for working moms

  However fast I do, work doesn’t get completed, every time I could see only things –to – do, I’m always running out of time, These are some common complaints by working moms. Are you also having same problems, mom? Just take a deep breath as your work isn‘t going […]

constipation in kids

Home remedies for constipation in children

Many mommies complain, about constipation problem in their children. There might be many factors responsible for causing this problem like illness, de- hydration, and lack of physical activity. It’s treatable and home remedies help treating it. If your child is 1 year old or older than this, you can always […]