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Khichadi is extremely popular one pot meal .Its made up of rice ,lentils ,variety of vegetables and selected spices. It tastes yummy and takes very less time and ingredients to cook. I like khichadi and always make it when I feel tired or lazy of cooking complete meal. Any of […]

Sago porridge recipe

While making sweets at the festival, I always get confused. As there are various recipes for sweets, porridges to try, on my list. I try to make different porridge every time on the festive occasion. Last Sunday I made sago porridge, as kids wanted to have a sweet porridge. For […]

Egg curry recipe

I like anything made using eggs. I try to include eggs in kid’s diet as much as possible. Boiled eggs are ideal breakfast for anyone, and thus it’s our family favourite breakfast. I make eggs mayonnaise sandwich, eggs omelette and scrambled egg most of the time. Egg curry is made […]

Onion and coriander Dhapate- multigrain paratha

If you ask me what’s your favourite breakfast recipe then answer is Dhapate. Being Maharashtrian it’s obvious to be a fan of this multigrain paratha. Dhapate is made using multi-grain flours, vegetables and spices. I often make dhapate for breakfast or brunch. It tastes awesome with curd/ raita /homemade butter.It’s […]

Peanut and jaggery ladoos

Peanut ladoos are extremely nutritious as Peanuts are rich source of proteins,vitamin E, folate,fats and niacin. jaggery is rich in calcium and iron. These ladoos make ideal snack for growing kids, pregnant women and people having low hemoglobin.As iron in it helps to increase hemoglobin very fast. For making this […]

100 th post :Paneer masala curry

Hello all,Today’s post is 100 the post on my blog and I’m extremely happy to share it. Generally finding time for pursuing your passion is difficult. When I started blogging similar was my situation. It was tough to manage two children, house and blog. But slowly I learned to balance […]

Carrots porridge recipe

Carrots porridge is very tasty and nutrition packed dessert made using carrots and cashew nuts. Carrots are rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and full of antioxidants so including carrots in more quantity in diet is very beneficial. Carrots kheer can be given to babies /infants as […]

Instant garlic bread sticks recipe

Whenever I’m extremely tired and don’t want to cook, we go for ordering pizza. Actually pizza has vegetarian option available and it gets home delivery as well. So   because of these double comforts we land up eating pizza at home. My kids are forever fan of pizza and garlic breads […]

Chocolate almonds fudge

Chocolates might be the most loved deserts across all parts of world. From kids to elderly everybody loves chocolates. There are variety of types of chocolates  like brown ,white  ,dark chocolate.Brown chocolates are made using cocoa solids.Powdered cocoa is used for many chocolate recipes.Eating chocolate is sheer bliss for me […]