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Vegetable Pulao Recipe

I absolutely love all one pot meal ideas as meal gets ready in only one step. Vegetable pulao and any choice of raita is our family favourite meal. I keep on experimenting with vegetable pulao for making it interesting for kids.Vegetable Pulao is spicy rice dish cooked with vegetables and […]

Khara puri recipe

 Presenting crispy and crunchy type of puri, farsi delicacy ,yes its Khara puri. A perfect tea time snacks and ideal for kids “Choti bhuk (Small hunger food )”.  Khara puri is the type of puri( Indian bread) which is made using all purpose flour and spices like black peeper and […]

birthday party

5 Tips for planning birthday party

Birthdays are the most special occasions for the children. They wait for the complete year for their birthday party. It’s a special day when everyone around wishes and gifts them. Nowadays children are very specific about their birthday party and how it should be. My daughters have big lists for […]

Khoya rabri recipe

When anyone says  Rabri / Rabdi ,the scrumptious dessert comes in front of eyes. It’s so delicious that no one can refuse to eat it.  There is nothing better than having creamy , rich dessert rabri in earthen pots. I am big fan of all types of Rabri and love […]

Langkawi truely paradise on earth – part 1

Langkawi malyasia It  was school holiday and thus we planned vacation to Langkawi .Langkawi is beautiful island located in malaysia .I wanted to visit this place as its very famous for its  irresistible natural beauty, wonderful beaches, ancient forests and waterfalls also it  is very well maintained  and attracts many […]

holi festival

Holi -festival of colors and happiness

Holi is the festival of color and the festival of sharing the love with all. Holi is celebrated on the last full moon of the lunar month of Phalguna that is at the end of winter season.  Holi is spring festival and it’s basically celebrated for two days. The first […]

Thandai lassi

Thandai means coolant and its prefect coolant for this hot summer. Summer is the season for drinking variety of coolants, juices, sarabat , panna drinks. I like to drink lassi as a cooler. So I made lassi  the favourite with different flavour of thandai masala.  Thandai is special drink served […]

Moong sprouts appe recipe

Moong sprouts are rich source of protein,thiamin,niacin like nutrients. Sprouts are extremely nutritious and can be made from different seeds,beans.As sprouts are beneficial food for good digestion and weight loss also,I started eating sprouts  daily .Everyday eating plain sprouts for breakfast was getting bored, so I though of making different […]

Tips for planning outdoor play for children

Nowadays children are more busy with the school curriculum, studies, and activity classes. And if they get any free time, its spent with electronic gadgets like  television, smart phones, tabs, laptops. We could hardly see children playing outside. Actually outdoor playing is extremely important for child’s physical, mental and social […]