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Kids world 2018-Largest parenting fair in Singapore

Hey friends, hope you’re doing well! What’re your plans for this National Day? If you’re looking for family friendly events, here’s one for your family: the Largest Parenting Fair in South East Asia! Let’s find out more about it. What it is The LARGEST Parenting Fair – By Kids World – will be a […]

banana smoothie

Chocolate banana smoothie

Banana has many essential nutrients and healthy food for growing kids. But both my kids avoid eating a banana. I have found the easy recipe which is made using banana. I absolutely love chocolate banana smoothie as, it’s the perfectly delicious way to give a banana to my kids. Chocolaty […]

Chocolate cupcake

Chocolate cupcakes

It was a sports day at siya’s school and she was super excited for it.Actually she loves to play and this year got selected for the running compitition on sports day. She wanted to give treat to her friends after the sports day.I made samosa in snacks and these moist […]


5 Must visit places near Pune during monsoon

After scorching summer heat, hot sun, here comes the season of the downpour, drizzle, black clouds. Many people might have enjoyed getting wet in season’s first rain already. If you are also a rain lover then It’s a perfect time to go for an outing. If you ask me what […]


Siya’s presence of mind

The door bell rang and siya  rushed to open the door. She was excited since morning as we invited her friend for lunch. When she couldn’t open the door I went to open the lock. My kitchen is around 10 feet away from the leaving room door and it took […]

monsoon care

6 Baby care tips during rainy season

After days of scorching sun and hot summer loo finally, it’s monsoon time. It’s raining everywhere and the atmosphere has become cool and pleasant. It’s extremely soothing to enjoy the rain, but continuous rain, humid weather can bring illness. As rainy humid season may cause cold, cough, flu, infections to […]

kidz academy

The kidz academy 2018

Hi Friends, Hope you have enjoyed your child’s June school vacations. We have an interesting news for you and your child. The Kidz Academy Singapore is back and here are the details about the fun filled event. What it says: Fill your June holidays with activities such as a free-to-play […]