Peanut and jaggery ladoos

Peanut ladoos are extremely nutritious as Peanuts are rich source of proteins,vitamin E, folate,fats and niacin. jaggery is rich in calcium and iron. These ladoos make ideal snack for growing kids, pregnant women and people having low hemoglobin.As iron in it helps to increase hemoglobin very fast.
For making this quickest and easiest snack only 3 ingredients are required.Mortar pastel is used for making pieces of jaggery.
Quantity /proportion of jaggery used in these ladoos can be varied as per sweetness requirement.Using home made ghee gives ladoos aromatic taste. Store these ladoos in air tight container and it has very good shelf life.Make sure to use good quality and soft jaggery for making these ladoos as hard jaggery dosen’t get mixed with peanuts powder.Try this simple recipe of peanut ladoo and letme know how yours turned out in comments.


  • Peanuts 500 gm
  • Jagery 250 gm
  • Ghee 1/2 cup


  1. Clean peanuts using cotton clothe and roast in heavy bottom pan till nutty aroma comes from it.
  2. After getting cool grind peanuts in grinder to get coarse powder.Dont make very fine powder.
  3. Grate jagery or make coarse powder using mortar pastel.
  4. Take a bowl and mix peanut and jagery powder in it.
  5. Heat pan and add ghee in it.
  6. Pour meltedĀ  hot ghee in above mixture and mix well.
  7. Make small peanut ladoos by pressing mixture with hands.
  8. Store peanut ladoos in air tight container.



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