Trip to phi phi islands in Thailand

phi phi islands trip
phi phi islands

This blog post is about our trip to beautiful place phi phi islands in Thailand.We recently visited Phuket and phi phi islands in June school vacations. We took flight from Singapore to reach Phuket and it’s around one and half hour journey. Phuket is a lovely place with many attractions and the detailed blog post about it is here. After exploring Phuket we went to phi phi islands. It is 45 minutes away from Phuket if traveled by speed boat and 2 hours by cruiser. We choose cruiser for traveling to phi phi islands. We took phi phi cruiser from Phuket port to reach island. We were extremely excited to reach phi phi islands. Visiting Maya bay was on high priority as we always saw it in the movie and curious to see it in real. The weather was good and we could enjoy the ocean view from the top of the cruiser. If you are planning to go by cruiser try to grab a seat on top of a cruiser for a better view of the ocean. The way to phi phi islands through ocean had many mountain peaks, wonderful rock formation. I must admit this cruiser trip to an island was an equally marvelous journey.


phi phi islands beach
phi phi islands beach

Giant mountains , the white and bright beach welcomed us at phi phi don island. Its small island which is main in the group of islands.Phi phi is always crowded with tourists as its very famous. The island is surrounded by mountains and tourists can go to the mountain top as well. The whole island does n’t have any transport except taxi boats, bikes, and luggage carriers.

We stayed at main island i.e. phi phi don at  phi phi cliff beach resort and we walked to resort from the port. It was a bright sunny day and  walking on small roads was fun. Phi phi has many things to offer its visitors. Tropical beaches,  green mountains, clear water, Silky soft white sand make this place paradise. Both the kids jumped in to water on the beach as soon as they reached resort and it was a tough time for me to take them out from it.

The resort room was quite spacious and well equipped. And it has a huge balcony, which kids used as a playground for our entire stay at the resort. View from balcony was stupendous and I could watch it for a complete day (With a cup of coffee of course.) After settling in the room it was food time as we all were hungry. It was evening and to satisfy the hunger pangs we found one local pizza joint nearby. The pizza we had there was super delicious ,fresh and soft.Then for dinner and next day lunch  we found one Indian restaurant nearby port which was equally good. This entire trip I was gorging on the delicious and fresh pineapples as and when possible. Being vegetarian I couldn’t get veg food everywhere and then these sweetest pineapples came to rescue everywhere. One can find these cut pineapples and water melon at roadside food joints, restaurants, and speed boats.

View from the resort room
Balcony in resort room

There are few attraction points like world famous Maya bay, monkey beach near to phi phi. The Maya bay is known for its appearance in Hollywood movies like” The beach”. Its top most attraction of phi phi and tourist have to pay fees to enter on it . Maya bay is breath-taking when actually visited but it’s crowded with people and visitor’s speed boats, boats. Variety  of activities like snorkeling, swimming, Jet Ski can be done on these beaches nearby phi phi. We enjoyed playing with kids on silky soft sand most of the time.

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Its awesome experience to be so close to nature but had to return back to Singapore on the second day. Returning journey was a bit drowsy as we were exhausted with beach activities. The weather was windy, cloudy and it was drizzling. The cruiser was rolling on the rough sea. Many people in the cruiser were having seasickness. Fortunately both the kids slept and I could sail through the journey peacefully.

I like traveling and phi phi was one of the most beautiful destinations I visited ever. I have fallen in love with the beaches in Thailand. The entire trip as awesome and I would definitely like to visit amazing Thailand again.

How to go:

Speed boat takes 45 minutes from Phuket and cruisers take around 2 hours to reach an Islands. You can have a day trip from Phuket or krabi to this islands.

Extra Tips:

Carry lightweight luggage bags.

As it may rain anytime make sure to have water proof hand bags/ bags.

Make sure to carry sunscreen, sunglasses to protect from the sun.

I hope you liked the post and please let me know your feedbacks in comments.











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