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Online safety
Online safety

We could see Children are online all day long, sometimes for studies, activities and other time for entertainment. There are many reasons behind their internet usage, like easy availability of electronic gadgets and the internet at home. The Internet is a fascinating world and children get attracted towards it easily. But they are unaware of the fact that the Internet may be dangerous as well.

How to protect children from Internet threats is the greatest concern for parents today. Parents can help children to know more about online threats and how to be safe on the internet. Also, parents can educate children from a young age, about online threats like phishing, viruses, social media exposures, harmful games, videos. Actually, it’s parents responsibility to monitor a child’s online activities. But there are limitations as always accompanying with children is not possible. So here is the solution to the problem. For helping parents to monitor children’s online activity – New app Protect Your Kid is launched by  Bulbera for the Indian market.

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Protect Your Kid functions include protection against inappropriate content, applications management, the creation of time rules, limit calls and applications at night, information about where the child is currently and GPS location. The app provides full control over children’s devices through the parent’s smartphone, tablet, or computer. It is perfect for supervising a child’s online activity.

Kids can experience a safe online journey using this App. The most amazing thing about the APP is it’s free to the Indian market. So Mommies and daddies, what are you waiting for? Download the app on your smartphones, tablets, computers and secure your children from online threats. The fantastic App will do your job of watching your child online. And you can totally worry-free.

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Designed for Smartphones, tablets, computers

More about App can be found here on the website:

Price: Free

Business Development Manager in Bulbera. Mr. Deyan Blagoev, says “We work a lot with India and we saw that there is a real need for our app to help parents. That is why we decided to make this gift to Indian kids and to start offering it for free. We think that kids bring the change into the world and we must offer them a safe way to learn new technologies. We give an easy way for parents to guarantee the online security of their children. “


The app was recently nominated as one of the digital leaders into the United Nations prestigious World Summit Awards.

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