Coconut Karanji/ Gujiya


Its festival time and people are busy for getting ready for festivals of color HOLI.Holi is such a fun festival which gives chance to everyone to enjoy colors,meet your loved one’s and relish number of delicacies.Coconut karanji /Gujiya is one such sweet / dessert made during holi across many parts of country for celebrating Holi.In fact holi is inclomplete without this melt in mouth and crispy sweet Karanji.I’m also getting ready for this year holi and started preparing this Coconut Karanji /gujiya for my guests.It has to be made carefully as it may get burst while frying in the oil.But dont worry its not that difficult too.Once you get an idea how to shape it you can made it with ease.Give a try to this coconut gujiya this holi and Wish you Happy holi 2017.Always stay blessed stay healthy.


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Coconut Karanji
Cuisine Indian
Cuisine Indian
  1. Mix maida and semolina in one bowl and sieve the mixture.
  2. Add salt to taste in maida mixture and mix well.
  3. Heat kadhai and pour ghee in it.once ghee melts add it in maida mixture.
  4. Add very less water and knead hard dough of maida.Cover it with wet cloth and keep it aside for 30 min.
  5. Dry roast almonds and cashews in one pan and grind to fine powder.
  6. Grind sugar to get fine powder.
  7. Roast grated coconut with spoon full of ghee on very low flame.
  8. Mix roasted coconut ,Powdered sugar and dry fruits powder to make stuffing mixture of karanji.
  9. Take maida dough of s berry size and make small puri of it using rolling pin.
  10. Place 1 tea spoon of coconut mixture on it and close ends of puri. if needed use water to stick all ends properly.
  11. Heat oil in pan and add this coconut karanji in hot oil slowly and let it fry on one side.Then turn slowly to other side for frying other side.
  12. Crispy and melt in mouth karanji is ready serve it with other snacks.Make sure to store it in air tight container after it gets cool.

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