Sara’s act of kindness

play ground

It was Friday evening and a playground was full of kids. I and kids go to the playground every day and I monitor them while playing. As it was Friday kids wanted to play till late in the evening. Siya went to play with her friends and Sara came with me to small kids play area. Sara started playing with other 3-4 small kids on slides and climbers. She is very well comfortable with the climbers as she plays here daily. So I sat down on the nearby bench peacefully. ( Till last month I used to run behind Sara in the playground for her safety. I have to go behind her -To protect from falling down, to save from other kids bicycles, to stop her from eating dirty things. Just before few days, she has stopped doing these things. Sometimes old kids bully younger once and thus supervision  is necessary.)

One more baby joined Sara’s team in kids play area. He looked small and might be around 1-2 years old.He was trying hard to climb on and fell down twice. His mother rushed to help him and stop him from climbing. But he wanted to play with kids and pursued his climbing efforts. After some time his mother went behind his older brother and this boy succeeded to climb on the slide. He was having that winning smile on his face as he was trying for a long time to go up.

Sara asked for the water, but I forgot her water-bottle in the stroller. Once I glanced all kids to get the assurance of their safety and then went to take a water bottle from a stroller. All of sudden I heard the loud sound of crying and screaming from my back. With no time  I ran back to check for her. After reaching the slide I found, Sara was holding the small baby in her arms and he was screaming. I released him from Sara’s grasp and comforted him. His mother also rushed to see what has happened. The baby was falling down from slide and Sara saved him by holding him firmly. It seems he was trying to come down from the slide and slipped off.  Fortunately, Sara was standing near him and she held him. The baby’s mother thanked Sara for her kind gesture and she also applauded for her. She blessed Sara and me as well. Everyone in the playground appreciated Sara for her kind gesture. Sara’s too small to understand what was going on, but she enjoyed applauds from all. I couldn’t believe when my 2 and half year old little munchkin grew up and became so kind. Tears rolled down my eyes and I kissed her. I’m satisfied to know that my upbringing is in the right direction. I’m thankful to god for blessing me with kind children.

Raising kind children is not that tough if elders in the house follow some rules. Let’s see more about it.

How to raise kind children:

1. Parents are child’s first role model so they learn many things from parents. If parents/ caregivers show kindness towards others, kids will follow the same. They will be kind to others.

2.Parents/ caregivers should not use any abusive, offensive words, a language in front of kids.

3.Storytelling: Tell stories which has kind characters to your children. Explain them the importance of kindness and how it helped the characters in a story.

4. Schools can ask children to write down one kindness act a day in their diary.


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