Semolina sheera recipe

Semolina sheera
Semolina sheera
Semolina sheera is made from Semolina.Its famous in western parts of india and often made for naivadyam( Offerings to god )on festivals and auspicious occasions.I make it for my kids for their snacks. Its easy to make  and easy to digest also.Its good food for babies as well. There are various recipes of sheera like narayan sheera, badam sheera, wheat sheera, dry fruits sheera Different ingredients are used for making them along with semolina mainly.

I m posting semolina sheera recipe whih is very basi and can be altered by adding any dry fruits /dry fruits powder as per choice. For making semolina sheera ,semolina needs to be roasted on low flame until nice aroma comes out from it and semolina turns lightly golden.You can use Fried cashew, almonds or powder of it for adding it in sheera.

Semolina sheera
Semolina sheera.


Semolina 2 cups
Full cream milk 2 cup
Sugar 1 cup
Ghee 1/2 cup
Cashew 4 to 5 pieces (optional)
Almond 4 to 5 pieces(optional)
A pinch of cardamom powder

Water 1 cup

Directions to cook:

1.Boil milk and water mixture in separate pan and keep it aside for adding in sheera.
Make sure its very hot while adding in sheera ,else cold milk makes sheera sticky.

2.Add Semolina in kadhai and roast on low flame.For roasting 2 cups Semolina at least 20 minutes required. Or roast till nice aroma comes out from wheat flour.

3.After roasting Semolina add sugar in it.

4.Add full cream milk + water mixture slowly while stirring  sheera. And add roasted dry fruits in sheera.Adding dry fruits is optional.

5.Mix well all ingredients by stirring and cook it for 5 to 6 more minutes.

6.Sprinkle cardamom powder on sheera and switch off gas.

7.Garnish with  cashew nuts and serve Semolina sheera/ halawa.


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