Siya’s presence of mind


The door bell rang and siya  rushed to open the door. She was excited since morning as we invited her friend for lunch. When she couldn’t open the door I went to open the lock. My kitchen is around 10 feet away from the leaving room door and it took few more  minutes to search for the key. I opened the door to  welcome our guests. Kids were so happy to see their friends after long time. It was a Sunday afternoon and we planned the family lunch with our friends.

After few minutes I returned back to kitchen to complete the remaining cooking. Immediately both the girls started playing with their friends. It was fun afternoon and kids ate well ,as I had cooked all their favourite dishes. After lunch everyone was relaxing in the leaving room. Kids insisted on going down and playing in the playground. As I was busy I refused to let them go down and play. Generally ,I always  keep an eye on them. As whenever I get busy in doing something, they bring  some or other storm in the house. Spilling out something, breaking, spreading things ,jumping , climbing goes on in our house. And that’s the reason, I hardly get a quiet  and peaceful moment.        But after sometime they  managed to escape without my permission. When     I didn’t find them in the house ,I was worried. When I asked their daddy, he  told me, kids had gone down to playground for few minutes and will return back soon.

So I sat down with my friends to drink coffee. It was hardly 2 sips, and I heard Sara’s screaming sound. It missed my heart beat. All of us ran out of the house to check for  kids. As we live in an apartment we rushed to lift area. Three of them were standing inside the lift and one was dragging the cycle from outside. The lift door was stuck  as cycle fell down inside it. All of them were crying and Sara was screaming. Daddy helped them to take out cycle and bring kids out of the lift. And I got froze ,Sara’s hand was bleeding. It was hardly few minutes ,after she went down. It was extremely shocking to see her wound .Daddy rushed inside house to get the medical kit. By that time my legs were trembling and I took her in my arms. I asked her , but she was in pain and couldn’t tell anything. Her daddy cleaned wound and applied medicines. Luckily the bleeding stopped after few minutes. Daddy calmed Siya and asked how it happened.

Siya told us ,While coming back home Sara  put her hand near closure of lift door. And she didn’t realise that her hand got stuck while opening the lift door. Siya shown the presence of mind and  pulled  her hand. But the skin of the little hand was pulled and it was bleeding. If siya wouldn’t have been with her sister then it would have been disaster. Sara  was lucky that her elder sister was accompanying her. Siya is very protective about Sara and always takes care of her. It all happened when she was only 6 and half year old. We felt so proud of siya and how a 6 year old child shown courage to pull out sister’s hand.

I always make sure to check about their safety. but on that day I got busy for some time and the accident happened. Once the kids calmed down  we headed to doctor. As it was Sunday evening ,all the neighbourhood clinics were closed and we had to go to 24 hours clinic. Doctor examined the wound and prescribed medicines for dressing and antibiotics. The wound wasn’t very deep so it would heal with medicines. He asked us how it happened and I told him the complete incident. He appreciated the big sister siya’s presence of mind and gave her 2 candies as well.

When we came back home it was 9 pm. We didn’t even realise how the time passed. These were the hardest few hours of our life. We never left  kids for a single moment but on that decided to be more careful. Sara was seating in my lap since the incident .Me ,daddy and Siya were checking her wound again and again. She promised me that she won’t go out anywhere without me.

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