Story of an angel who visits us every evening


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It was drizzling since late afternoon, but I realised it only in the evening. I was walking on the road by holding my bicycle in one hand and college bag in other hand. I was carrying few files and foldersas well. I didn’t have an umbrella so my hairs and clothes were quite wet. More than getting wet I was sad, exhausted and irritated. (When I am sad I get irritated by everything around.)The reason for my irritation might be the rain, the evening, or the hawking, the mud on the road or myself. While thinking when i entered my house, I didn’t realise. My father asked me something, which I didn’t reply. I threw my bag on the table and headed streight away towards my bed. The soft pillow comforted me and when did goddess of sleep touched me – I don’t know.

Some days are longer than a normal one and won’t end easily. Today was one such a  worst day for me. While going to college in the morning, I had an accident . My bicycle got slipped on one turn and I fell down on the college road. I got bruises all over my left hand and knee. Somehow I managed to clean the bruises and headed towards college. But I got late because of this accident and missed my attendance at the first lecture. I was in a pain and in the third lecture I got badly scolded by the chemistry teacher. I answered the wrong solution of an equation, as I was in a hurry to answer. I checked my watch and It was only 3 pm in the afternoon. Though the interesting topic was taught in the class, I could hardly concentrate. I just wanted to leave everything and run away. Then came the main disaster of the day. The result of the college’s internal exams was announced, and I went to check my results.

All of sudden I  heard a sound in my dreams,”Wake up! Is this the time to sleep? Who on the earth sleeps at 7 pm in the evening? ”
It was the goddess and she was asking me to get awake. I tried to open my eyes to check for the beautiful goddess, who was wearing ornaments, heavy silk Sari. But all of sudden the colourful goddess looked different, she looked familiar to me. So I opened my eyes wide and found out, it was none other than my Mother.

I rubbed my eyes again and struggled to keep it open. My mother yelled again ” Get up from your bed and wash the face, otherwise, you will sleep again.”

Generally, I never sleep after returning back from the college. As it’s the only time in a day, I get to spend with my family. I leave the house early in the morning at 5.45 am for my tuitions. Then  I return back home at 9.30 to collect my lunch box and college bag. I leave the house in 10 minutes to go to college and return back home at only 6.30pm. So I love my evening time as it’s free and I could enjoy it. But today something was different.

My mother brought a cup of milk for me and sat down on my bed. She asked me, whether I’m sick and checked for fever.  I told her that I am absolutely fine and just a bit tired.

She asked me,” But you never sleep in the evening if you are tired today have your dinner and sleep early in the night.” When I didn’t reply, She asked me again “What’s the problem? why are you so sad?”

I  disgruntled, ” I don’t want to study anymore as I can’t get the good marks. I want to tear the answer paper and don’t want to show it to anyone. And I want to  run away from the college.”

She asked me, “What happened ? Why so much of anger ? And which marks you are talking about? Every other day you have exams and how is it possible for anyone to be sad for all the practice exams? ”

As I’m studying in 12 the standard, I have practice exams on every other day, so my mother was confused about the exam and it’s result.Actually my parents never forced me for getting good marks in the exams ,So it was obvious for her to be anxious.

I replied, “with lots of hopes I went to check my result and found that Chemistry marks were less than expected marks. It is a disaster as I would get thrashed by the teacher after seeing these marks. I want to run away from the college and not show my marks to anyone.”

In spite of consistent studying, I secured fewer marks in chemistry. It was unbelievable to see the number in front of my name on the answer sheet. I re-checked it for my name considering it’s my fault.”

then my mother’s asked me, “Are these the last Board exams for which you are preparing? ”

I replied “NO”.

Then she said ” Will you get the desired marks by tearing this answer paper? ”

I replied,”NO”

She said,” Then why are you crying for the internal exams result? you practice on every other day for the upcoming board exams and if one of them is not as per your expectations, then its good. As now itself you know that your efforts are not up to the mark. And who asks for the internal exams result? It’s the main exam which is important and you have enough time for it. Exams are for evaluation and not for discouraging anyone.”

By this time I was crying and couldn’t control my emotions. Mummy said ” if you want to cry you can, as it will relieve the stress. But you can’t cry now, as its already an evening. Nobody cried in the evneing.”

“Now do we need to check the time before crying as well? what’s special about the evening? ” I asked her.

She said,” Evening is the time of the day when we retire from our duties. This is the time of the day when we light lamps as the sun sets. We light lamps to welcome the night. We pray to go and thank for giving us an opportunity to live the day. ”

I interrupted her,” That’s all  ok but what if someone is really sad and feeling like crying?”

She told me the story, story of an angel. “Evening is the time when angels come to our house. This angel is sent by God and she could see and listen to us. Not only she could listen to us, but also she fulfils our wishes too. If you are sad or crying the angel will also feel sad. And if she listens to your current wish of tearing the answer paper, what will happen? Anyway, it’s of your no interest now and it is already junk for you. So stop crying, be happy and positive. Who knows probably your wish might get fulfilled by an angel. That’s why you shouldn’t cry in the evening time, as it’s the angel’s time.”

By now I was calm and surprised to know about the angel. I would have known about an angel before the internal exams so that I could have asked for good marks to an angel.

Mummy asked,” Stop crying and leave your chemistry aside for some time. Get fresh and light a lamp. It’s angels arrival time.”

The story of the angel was effective enough to convince me and I wiped my tears. It was not only exciting but interesting to turn up in front of an angle. All my exhaustion disappeared in a second and I started thinking about the angel.

It was all about the evening when I cried for the last time. Since last 18 years, I follow this ritual of being happy at evening and remembering God.I remeber one quote which is dedicated for all the mothers -“As God can’t be everywhere, he created mothers.”That’s absolutely true, as mothers are the first most guide for us. I don’t know about the angels and whether they really exist or not, but I feel that this ritual brings loads of positivity in life. Probably that’s what for rituals are meant to be ,So always be happy and positive.


  1. Beautiful presented, enjoyed reading through out, the conversation between you and your mom is really a motivating one and good to know you still remember and follow it.
    Specially loved the description what you felt after walking up.

  2. Lovely write-up Rupali ! Even we are advised not to be sad, or cry or sleep during evening time. I have many fond memories of my childhood with the ritual of lighting a lamp in the evening and chanting Shubang Karoti stotra which I follow till date and now my little one follows it religiously .Your post is very motivating.

  3. I appreciate that you remember your rituals & following them till today. Great post Rupali..

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