Super moms: Interview with Bijal parikh – A Home baker

Hellomomy brings you the new Interview series “SUPERMOMS”. It will feature the mothers who have created a  mark by their work. They are dotting wives, caring moms and successful entrepreneur. The first mommy in the series is Bijal Parikh a home baker, passionate food blogger. She is a successful entrepreneur and runs her own venture – Bijal’z cake world from her home. Her cakes are absolutely a feast for eyes and taste buds.


Tell us about yourself?

First of all, I am thankful to Roopali Kadam for featuring my interview. Myself Bijal Parikh and I live in AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT. I am married to doctor & mom of a sweet sixteen boy. I live in a joint family with my in-laws.

When and how did you start baking?

My son likes cakes and pastries, every fortnight I used to buy pastries and cakes for him. But once I brought pastry and there was a fly in it. It was a shocking incidence for us and this is when I decided to bake for him. Initially, it was lots of trial and errors baking sessions. And slowly I learned baking all basic cakes. Then I concentrated on Icing part and honed it with practice. For designer cakes, I follow Youtube many times and the final outcome turns out awesome.

What challenges you have faced in this journey?

Baking itself is challenging thing, Once while baking a chocolate ganache a  disaster happened, cake broke into two halves. And the cake was ordered for the birthday party. Somehow I managed to stick the cake using icing and the party went on well.  There are a couple of other incidences like this and I managed the situations.

Did your family help you in achieving your goals?

In my baking journey, my husband Amish helped me a lot. I got complete financial and moral support from all family members. And also I am thankful to all my clients as well.

What all products you provide?


I started baking like a professional in 2015, just 3 years in business. Along with baking cakes, I am a passionate food blogger and have a blog bijalzactivecooking I make chocolates as well and they are one of my hit products. I accept corporate offers as well.

What is your best selling product?

My best seller product is chocolate Ganache cake.

Do you take any cake baking classes/ cooking classes?

No. I haven’t started any baking classes yet.

How do you manage to give time to your family and your profession?


I am not expanding my business as my son is in an important phase of career. I make sure to be available for him as and when he needs me.I believe in quality work & thus don’t go for quantity. My family is important for me and thus I maintain balance in my work and personal life.

Do you have any success mantra to share with our readers?

Success has no secrets, It comes with hard work, determination & dedication. For me, my client’s wonderful feedback is a success.

What is your goal?

I haven’t set any goals to grow my business as now my son needs me.

Where can we find you?

You can find me on
Bijal’z cake world
Bijal’z active cooking


This was all about the SUPERMOM and a baker mommy Bijal Parikh. We wish her all success in her coming endeavors.

Stay tuned for many such inspiring journeys.

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  1. The cakes look absolutely tempting. So nice to read about women exerting entrepreneurial spirit. Thanks for sharing the interview.

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