Super moms: Interview with Jeyashri Suresh- A Food blogger

The second mommy in the Hellomomy’s SUPER MOMS series is Jeyashri Suresh  Well known food blogger and author of recipe books. She is a mommy of two kids and a passionate cook. You can find a variety of recipes for kids, festivals on her blog. She shares wonderful diet recipes with pictures and clear instructions. Visit her blog and you’ll surely love to read everything about the food.


1. Tell us about yourself?

I am Jeyashri Suresh, mommy of two teen kids and food blogger at Jeyashri’s kitchen, a vegetarian food blog. Also, I’m an Author of 2 best sellerTamil cookbooks.

2. When and how did you start blogging?

Well, it’s a long back in the year 2009 and since then I never looked back. My passion for the food is since my childhood days. I love to try new recipes in my kitchen and writing about it on my blog. The recipes on my blog are mostly what I learned from my grandmother, mother and also my mother-in-law. These are the traditional family recipes which are passed from generation to generation. Apart from this, I love to try out different styles of cooking from different parts of the world. Being a strict vegetarian, I am proud to say that the variety of food for vegetarians is limitless! On my blog, I share the vegetarian version of most popular international cuisine. All my recipes are tried by me in my kitchen before posting and I share step by step pictures for easy learning.

Jayshris kitchen

3. What challenges you have faced in this journey?

It was not so easy in the beginning and I had to learn a lot through trials and tribulations. Also, I had to keep up with the changing technology. I ended up spending hours and hours improving my blog and learning new tricks. I also discovered a new found love in photography and baking. I started with a Canon EOS 1000 D with kit lens and then upgraded to the 50 mm lens.

4. How do you manage to give time to your family and your profession?

I make it very clear that I will start my work when the kids are out to school. And weekends I will make it a point not to do any blogging work. So the family and my profession time are well balanced. Also before the vacation, I plan in advance and schedule my work in advance.

5. How does being a mommy helps you in your profession?

Being a mom, I stay connected with many other moms and this will help me to understand the way of eating of kids, their preference and accordingly curate quick bite recipes, healthy recipes and many more. I have created a separate section for kids on my blog, for helping mommies.

6. What is your best moment in blogging?

The best moment is the day I started blogging. It was the best decision of my life and it has given me the identity. It feels great when people appreciate my work.

7. Did your family help you in achieving your goals?

More than help, they don’t disturb me much and tolerate me when I work late sometimes. Actually, Jeyashri’s kitchen could reach the heights because of support from my family.

8. What is your goal?

I always keep short-term goals, so I feel motivated and can accomplish more.

9. Do you take any cooking/baking classes?

I have taken cooking classes in Singapore and London. And yet to start baking class.

10. What tips would you like to give to new bloggers?

Give your best and patiently wait for the results.

11. Where can we find you?

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. Also, Jeyashri’s kitchen has an android app with only healthy recipes. Download the app and check out my recipes on it.

This was all about the SUPERMOM and a famous food blogger Jeyashri Suresh. We wish her all success in her coming endeavors.

Stay tuned for many such inspiring journeys.

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