Tackle hair loss with Keune Care Derma Activate Shampoo

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I was losing a substantial amount of hairs and needed a magic product to stop it. My hairdresser suggested trying Keune care derma activate shampoo. I started using it before 6 months and have fallen in love with this product. It’s made up of completely herbal ingredients and works well for people having hair thinning, hair loss problems.

Please check the detailed review of the product as follows.

About the Keun

The company celebrated its  95th birthday and is one of the most recognized companies in the world. They offer a wide range of hair care products.You can select their products as peryour need.

What it claims:

Revitalize your hair and tackle hair loss! When the scalp is out of balance, some people experience temporary hair loss. If you’re one of them, you’re going to love this line. Derma Activate products are enriched with vitamin H, which strengthens the hair’s keratin, decreasing the number of hairs falling out. Meanwhile, caffeine stimulates the blood flow and takanal promotes new hair growth. After repeated use, your hair will have more body, volume, and shine.

This rejuvenating shampoo is best suited to those with sensitive scalps and fine, thinning hair. Essential minerals in combination with Rejuvenator Technology prevent the early stages of hair loss.

keune shampoo

Ingredients of the Keune shampoo:

Zinc ferment, copper ferment, wheat protein, aqua, hydrogenated castor oil.

Directions for use:

Massage it onto wet hairs and wash it off. It doesn’t lather much like other shampoos. If you feel it hasn’t cleaned hairs then use it for more than one time.

My review of this product:

I found comb full of hairs after every combing or hair washing session. It was heartbreaking to lose the s amount of hairs. I tried almost every shampoo on the hair care product’s shelf. I asked many of my friends here and they too were sailing in the same boat and everyone has a hair loss problem. Mainly water is the cause of a hair loss. Keune care shampoo is very gentle on the scalp and cleans it without causing hair loss. I could see the difference from first use only. By regular use of this shampoo, I found the little volume in my hair after using it for more than  6 months. It’s an ideal product if you are facing hair loss problem and anyways precautions are better than cure. A good shampoo can protect hair and boosts growth as well.

Cons: I found it expensive than other hair care products, as it costs $31 for 300 ml bottle. If you have short hairs the 300 ml bottle will last up to 5-6 months but for long hair, you would need a big bottle of the shampoo. 1000ml bottle of Keune care shampoo is $79. And It doesn’t lather more like other shampoos.

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How much it Costs:

It is available at price: $31.90  for 300ml

Where to buy:

You can buy The Keune shampoo on Amazon.com or Lazada.com

Do I recommend this product?

It’s best to take care of your hairs on time to avoid excessive hair thinning. Keune shampoo is one such extremely useful product which is value for the money. And amazing thing about this shampoo is it shows result in just few uses.After regular usie of this shampoo you will feel the difference not only in hair loss but also the softness. I found my hair easy to manage and more softer.I like this product and I recommend it.

The Keune has a very good range of other hair care products as well. Check more about it on their website.

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