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Jeera / savory shankarpali

Wish you all happy Krishana janamashatmi!! it’s the season of festivals and food. Vareity of snacks, sweets,desserts are made during this period on the occasion of various festivals. Today i’s Krishna janamashtami, and I have made this savory shankarpali , khare shankarpali.It’s an easy to make recipe and comes out […]

Khoya rabri recipe

When anyone says  Rabri / Rabdi ,the scrumptious dessert comes in front of eyes. It’s so delicious that no one can refuse to eat it.  There is nothing better than having creamy , rich dessert rabri in earthen pots. I am big fan of all types of Rabri and love […]

Sago porridge recipe

While making sweets at the festival, I always get confused. As there are various recipes for sweets, porridges to try, on my list. I try to make different porridge every time on the festive occasion. Last Sunday I made sago porridge, as kids wanted to have a sweet porridge. For […]