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5 Fun ways to increase child’s vocabulary

Children today have many things to do including their school studies. When children overburdened they don’t want to perform. So  I believe children should not be pressurised for doing everything . When sia’s school teacher asked me  to work on her English vocabulary, I didn’t want to overburden my child […]

Trial worksheets for learning division

Today’s guest post on Hellomomy , is by Education.com. It is  well known website which is helping millions of parents and children. Education.com aims to empower parents, teachers, and home schoolers to help their children build essential skills and excel. With over 12 million members, Education.com provides educators of all […]

How to help your child for school tests

Are you surprised to read this post title?  “How to help your child for school tests ? s it necessary? Does primary school student have studies? Are you joking?” might be your reactions after reading this post title. And  if  anyone would have told about this to my parents around […]