What to take for your baby’s first outing

Baby first outing
Baby first outing

If you are a new mommy and planning first outing with your little bundle of joy, there might be many questions in your mind? When shall we take a baby for her first outing? What to take along with? What should be avoided?   These questions are obvious for a new mommy. First of all, there isn’t a specific age or period, when we should take a baby for her first outing. It’s been said that very young babies are prone to infections because of pollution outside. So if you are living in a place where pollution levels are high, avoid outing with young babies. Always check for the weather outside and the place where you are planning an outing.  Avoid places like movies theatre with high vibrations of sound and very crowded places. Along with you, a baby should also be comfortable and enjoy her outing.

If you ask me when I took my kids for their first outing, here we go. I took my younger one for her first outing when she was 4 months old. It wasn’t her very first outing as we visited the paediatrician for vaccinations. But we returned home immediately after vaccinations. And I used to take her in a backyard of my house, for morning sunbath. Though it was for a few minutes she enjoyed it fully. She used to laugh, giggle every morning when I took her out for a sunbath. So our first outing was to a nearby mall. And I must mention it was super -duper hit I took her to a nearby mall. We were there for 2 hours and she enjoyed the colourful surroundings in the mall. Actually, babies enjoy the gentle touch of fresh air outside and sunshine.

If you are excited to take your little bundle of joy for a quick outing. You can enjoy your first outing with your little sweetheart with some pre-preparations.

1. Feeding basics

As young babies need to be fed every 2 hours or at specific intervals, be ready with all necessary things for feeding. If you are going to breastfeed baby then wear all breastfeeding clothes, feeding pillow ready before going out. If you are bottle feeding baby, get sterilized milk Bottles, formula milk powder, thermos flask for keeping warm water. There may be questions in mommy’s mind about how many bottles to take?  If your baby is younger than 6 months old take 1 bottle for every 2 hour interval of outing and an extra bottle as well. If your baby is older than 6 months and takes solid food- take baby food, bowl and spoon for feeding her.

Chek out more infomation about the bottle feeding your baby here.

2. Baby Clothes

There are special purpose bags available in the market for mommies. Diaper bags are essential when you go out with your baby. I must say this diaper bag had relay helped me in many outings with babies. As these bags have many compartments to organise everything inside. The compartments are designed in such a way that things can be placed at a specific place. Every time when you need something, no need to search every nook and corner of the bag. Have one diaper bag and keep all the necessary things in it. Always make sure to take at least 2-3 cloths set for baby. Sometimes babies may dirty clothes so extra clothes will be of help. Take a sufficient number of diapers also. If you are using cloth diaper keep it in the bag.

3. Baby gear

Decide baby gear as per the mode of transport. Pram, strollers, car seat, baby carriers are generally used baby gears. If you are taking pram/ stroller spread a clean cotton cloth in it before keeping the baby inside. Take baby car seat if you are going by car. If it’s monsoon take umbrella or stroller’s plastic cover for protecting baby from rain.

4. Miscellaneous

Make sure to take a Small soft cotton blanket to cover baby. Also take Tissues, Napkins, Wet Wipes, cotton towel, Polythene bag.Take hand sanitizers for sanitizing hands after a diaper change.

5. For mommy

Make sure to wear all supporting clothes if you are breastfeeding baby. Also take a necessary extra pair of clothes, clear water for drinking, some dry snacks as mommy might feel hungry by breastfeeding baby.

These were few suggestions to help you for your first outing with baby. Have   a fantastic first outing with your little bundle of joy and let us know your suggestions, experiences about your first outing.



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