The most amazing day of my life


I have two daughters and both were born healthy babies. When I conceived my second child I was suffering from IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome).I was having many digestion problems because of prolonged illness .The stomach illness caused weight loss and many nutritional deficiencies as well. Actually I wasn’t in perfect health for conceiving or carrying baby. And thus when I got my positive pregnancy report at gyneac clinic I was worried, anxious for the baby. As I wasn’t keeping well and worried for the baby inside.My second pregnancy started with lots of tension and worries in my mind instead of happiness. And this was the time when my doctor rescued me and educated in extremely precise way about pregnancy and mother health. I got to know everything about my health and baby inside and proper health scans helped me to be worry free. I followed exact precautions and care suggested by my doctors as I wanted my baby to grow properly. Unlike my first pregnancy I was not much active and preferred taking more rest. With some dizzy spells and weakness during end of day I maintained good health throughout the pregnancy. I was lucky and thankful to the god for blessing good health to me and my baby in the crucial period. My baby’s growth was good and she was very active baby .I could feel her gymnastic moves and football kicks throughout last trimester and it made me more exhausted. She played all time when she was awake inside and her sister enjoyed the baby kicks from outside. My due date was in just 2 weeks and I was waiting eagerly for the delivery. On the next day morning around 6 am I was having uneasy feeling and extreme heaviness in stomach.

I ignored it considering pregnancy fatigue and still there was time for delivery .I followed my daily routine of sending my elder daughter to school and had breakfast. It was very hard to move around in house. At around 8.30 am there was unbearable pain in my stomach and I couldn’t get up. It was never experienced pain before and I decided to visit doctor immediately.

After praying to god for baby’s safety I stepped out of house.  After through check-up I had been asked to undergo immediate c section as cervix dilated and baby was in head down position. My Blood pressure was extremely low, overall health condition and low hub lead me to go for c section. And in another 10 minutes I was to operation table. I was shivering and probably it worsened by blood pressure. I tried to calm down by all means but some unknown fear was dragging me from inside. I was worried for my baby and her health. Doctors controlled my low blood pressure and started operation and, I remember after every minute they were telling me to relax and calm. And then it was the moment for which I awaited so much and prayed for. The beautiful, fair angel with golden hairs came out. I was the happiest person on earth and my doctors shown I the little miracle who did not cry much and staring at mesh was having magical blue eyes just like her sister.

When I opened my eyes after 6 hours my baby was sleeping in my mother’s lap. It took almost 6 hours for me to come back in senses. My parents hugged me when I smiled at them and they thanked god and doctors when they saw me back in senses.

I got to know from my family that my baby had her check-ups done and she is perfectly healthy child. And the news was like an award for me as we both conquered nutritional deficiencies, health complications, low blood pressure and what not. I am grateful to my doctors who handled everything so well.

My elder daughter who was waiting to see her baby sister was super happy to see her, after every 5 minutes she was going near baby and looking at her with surprise. Her happiness knew no bounds. My husband was man on top of world to hold his little munchkin  and so was complete family.The child brings so much happiness.
I got my princess in my hands on this amazing day. The day which gave me a most precious memory to cherish for lifetime ,a day which made my family complete ,a day which brought new life to my house and a day for which we are grateful to the Almighty for forever.

photo credit: Calpastor These Toes via photopin (license)





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