The Most Intriguing series I ever watched- Ekkadiki Ee Parugu

When your life gets too boring, all you have to do to get it back on track is just go watch a thrilling crime series. You will spend hours trying to solving the case, losing the track of time. One fine afternoon, I was searching for some mystery web series, and then my hubby suggested to watch this newly launched web series – Ekkadiki Ee Parugu  season1 (which translates to ‘where does this end?’). Side Note: He is a big fan of the  Telugu industry and keeps track of every small update in the world of Telugu entertainment.

ekkadiki ee parugu
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2019 is the era of online streaming content. ZEETV took this opportunity to infuse their online streaming service with some amazing web series. Ekkadiki Ee Parugu is an addictive web series where the entire plot unravels in 6 episodes. I bet you can not stop watching it. Right from the beginning, it keeps the audience on the verge of the seat, in my case, it would be my couch. As soon as my husband and I started watching it, we just started connecting the clues to get the solve the mystery before the show does it.

I have enjoyed watching this web series  for the following reasons:

Intriguing storyline:

The strong storyline is an essential element of this web series. It is addictive and slays time like anything. It grabs your attention from the very first scene and keeps you puzzled, in a good way. With every passing scene, you get the question lingering in your mind “what’s next? “. Every character has its own motives, and the director has done an amazing job properly inculcating all the thrilling aspects in the web series. As an audience, we are very intrigued to solve the mystery. I kept on watching one episode after the other, to solve the mystery and find whereabouts of Vaishnavi.

Stellar star cast

The second next factor about Ekkadiki that makes it a must-watch is its stellar star cast, who has done an absolutely brilliant job. With their acting skills, they have raised the curiosity of the audience to the maximum level. Shashank as a Madhur is successful in portraying the agony of a father. Aryan as a  dedicated cop, wins the heart of millions. Sweet boy Panur’s looking for his mother will bring tears to the audience’s eyes, no matter how tough they are. Pavani as a Vaishnavi has done a great job. She increases audience’s curiosity to find out the reason behind her pain. Kidnappers gang and their tricks make you boil with anger.

Camera work

Another interesting fact about this series is its impeccable camera work. Along with many twists and turns, the camerawork takes you to another world. You will know the kind of efforts that went into craving the scenes while watching it. In a few scenes, it sent chills down my spine especially when the camera moved to the darkest corners. Not to forget, dialogues in the series are equally important, as they don’t let mystery get resolved until the end.

Execution of the plot:

The execution of the plot is quintessential, and it won’t let you take your eyes off it. The plot is very immersive and keeps the mystery unfolded until the very end.  I felt despaired when I guessed wrong consequences many times. It brings various angles to the story.

If you are a web series buff like me, Ekkadiki Ee Parugu is a must watch for you.

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