The most special gift I received ever

Special gift
Special gift

It was Thursday and I went to pick up siya from her school bus drop off point as usual. Generally she looks tired after her long school hours when I pick her in the evening, but today scenario was different . She’s very happy and I could see that excitement on her face. I asked her about the reason of excitement and she replied that the fun event about to happen on next day in her school”. And i thought ,” How it slipped off my mind I don’t know?  as her school has informed about the fun- fair  event and all its details much before via emails”.  After reaching home she asked me for money as the event was fun fair and lots of student participated in it for selling their goods and delicious  food
Siya wanted to have her regular lunch at the fun fair instead of taking regular  tifin box and also wants to do shopping there.  I get surprised to know  about her plans and  so I handed over money  in coins denominations  which she can count while purchasing things. 
On the next day morning siya woke up on her own for getting ready and she didn’t create any fuss for eating breakfast or milk. I was surprised to see the change in my little kido and when I asked her about the change she replied “today gonna be best day of my school, as their will be fun fair and I want to eat panipuri and  sev  poori there” .
So our day started on happy note and I continued my household chores. I went to pick her at drop off point and I could see she wasn’t sleeping in the bus, instead she jumped with same excitement as that of yesterday and hugged me. Generally its rare to see so much of happiness after her hectic schedule of 8 hours. Today something was different and then I remembered it was fun fair event and may be that’s the reason of smile on my kids face. She said I have a surprise for you mom, guess what it might be?” I guessed that panipuri sev puri  (Snacks) might be the reason of this shining smile on her face. She refused and said “ no it more special than this one as well. We play this guessing game many time and its super fun for kids to keep parents guessing for long. Today also it continued and finally I lost to my kid as usual in the guessing game. I couldn’t guess the correct  reason for her happiness. After finishing her evening snacks , siya shown me the things she bought in the fun fair and it has beautiful pink colored ear rings for me. I asked her what she bought for herself and she replied “ Nothing mom  ,as money got over for buying my  Ear rings/ zumakas” .
I asked her “ why didn’t you buy anything for yourself as it was your pocket money and I wanted you to buy things for you”. Siya replied “Mumma you always buy things for me so I decided to buy gift for you and as you like ear rings,  I have got the most beautiful ear rings  by searching all stores for you.”
It seems my little munchkin has searched all fun fair shops and then bought this special ear rings for me. My joy knew no bound to see my little one has grown up and thinks so much about her mother. It’s the most precious gift I received ever in my life as it was chosen with so much of care and love for me. Who dosen‘t like to get gifts and sweet surprises like this..? But this gift‘s very special  for me and will  always be .. Thank you very much my little princess…



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