The most wonderful year of my life: 2018

Whoa! It’s the December and end of the year 2018, Indeed it was the best year of my life as it has changed many things. Change is the only consistent thing in our lives and we should embrace it. There are many things which changed in the year 2018 and this post is a summary about it. And let me tell you that it’s a positive change.

year 2018

Work front:

While starting my blog, I hardly thought about today. I just wanted to have my own diary where I could scribble my mind. I found many mommies and mommies-to-be need information about parenting, motherhood, and child-care. I make sure to share maximum possible useful information on Hellomomy. There are many talented bloggers who contributed their workpiece on the blog.  Also, I got a chance to work with many renowned brands for sponsored assignments. This year I could participate in many blogging contests and the most significant was # Myfriendalexa from blog chatter. It helped to increase the reach and improved Alexa rankings as well. ( Alexa rank :3,50,878. Which is beyond imagination.).I’m thankful to my readers for their sweet gesture. Altogether, It was the most fantastic year for  Hellomomy.

Mommy life front:

Many times I feel as if I’m running and running only. I hardly remember any leisure moment. Perhaps mommies can relate to this situation. kids have grown up and I get more time to concentrate on my work. The anxiety level has gone down and I get less tense. Another important thing is, I go out with kids alone without the help of P. It was a big achievement for me, as I was worried about Sara’s uncontrollable tantrums. These tantrums can trigger at any time, any place, any sight and worst part is that anyhow I can’t pacify her. While going out I carry her favorite candies, lollipops, stickers, biscuits, pencils, crayon and what’s not. It helps to distract her from the point of attraction. But there are times when nothing could make her calm and I get helpless. So to avoid these helpless situations I avoided going out alone with the kids. But during September I gave a try to take them out and got a success. fewer tantrums and inconsolable cries. it’s a win-win situation for us, as we could enjoy outings without daddy’s help.


We always look for traveling and sightseeing. Luckily we have many beautiful places around this part of the world. we had visited some of the awesome places in Malaysia and Thailand in the last few years. In 2018 we planned a visit to Batam and Bintan in Indonesia. It was on our bucket list since 2015.  First, we went to Batam with friends.  It’s an ideal place with clear water beaches and lush greenery. We stayed at Turi resort in Batam which is located at the beach. We went to India to spend quality time with our family. Spending time with family and friends is total bliss. Then we planned a trip to Bintan (Indonesia)  in June 2018.  Bintan is one of the popular destinations for many people. We lived at Bintan lagoon resort and the stay was full of fun and frolic.


Being the mother of two active kids I have a tight schedule. My younger one sleeps late after 11 pm in the night and so does I. But I have to wake up early in the morning before 6 am as both my kids have school time. And my day has a household chorus, pick up and drop off my kids.By the end of the day, I was exhausted and stressed. Most of the time I was sleep deprived and tired. The incorrect lifestyle made me depressed and anxious. I changed many things this year. I started taking care of my health and fitness. I could take time for myself, Sara has grown up and she enjoys staying with her daddy dearest. The first step was a morning walk of 30 minutes, which helped me to lose weight. I  make sure to walk at least  4 times a week. The second step is playing badminton once a week. Though we play doubles, it’s a great exercise. Being outdoors helps to fight depression and anxiety. These small steps towards fitness are definitely helpful to improve blood circulation, appetite and mood swings.

It was all about my year 2018 and eagerly waiting to get into the year 2019.There is a list of resolutions ready while welcoming the new year. I hope I could follow it and make Hellomomy more useful and colorful for all. I’m grateful to my blog readers, family, and friends for their support and to almighty for showering blessings. Wish you all Happy new year and rocking 2019!!


  1. Wish you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year, 2019!

  2. ahh, love it how the year passed by. You had a wonderful time. after reading this, I think I should share my journey fo 2018.

  3. ahh, love it how the year passed by. I think its time now for me to share my last year journey.

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