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I’m blogging since last 4 years and it’s been a wonderful journey so far. As a blogger, I always dreamt to have a good Alexa ranking of my blog. But I didn’t have a deep knowledge about it. I used to post the articles as per my convenience. And in last December I had to travel for 3 weeks and it brought inconsistency in posting articles on my blog. It resulted in the drop down my Alexa rank and page views too.  Definitely, it was a disappointing fact for me and then, I happen to meet my blogger friend, she suggested to participate in the campaign on  I was so badly looking for taking my Alexa rank back to its original number, so immediately signed up for the #Myfriendalexa campaign on Blogchatter. It helped my blog not only to get better Alexa rankings but also more new visitors.

1. What is Alexa ranking?

Alexa ranking is the ranking of a  website in various search engines.  It is a measure of how a website is doing relative to all other sites available on the internet over the past 3 months. This rank is calculated using a methodology that combines a site’s estimated average of daily unique visitors. It considers a number of page views over the past 3 months.

2. What is #MyFriendAlexa with Blogchatter?

My Friend Alexa is a campaign for Bloggers run by Blogchatter – an online community for Bloggers. It is a month-long campaign and this year It started on 01 September and ended on 30 September 2018. It was the third season of this campaign. This Blogging Challenge is intended to help bloggers. It is the world’s second and India’s first campaign based on Alexa rank and associated tools.

3. How it got executed

For participating in the campaign please check Many bloggers participated in this campaign and this is how we worked on it.

  1. Writing 8 blog posts (spread across the 4 weeks)

Every week you have to write a blog post and link to the linky provided by Blogchatter.

  1. Daily reading posts are written by other loggers

Reading list is provided by Blogchatter and it has the blog posts by other bloggers. You have to read the posts, comment on it and share it on twitter. In this way, everyone participating in the campaign have to write a post and read other’s posts as well.

  1. Networking, discovering new blogs

By the end of this campaign, you will have a habit of exploring blogs on the web. Networking with other bloggers will help you to improve rankings, get more visitors, better DA and PA.

4. What I learned by participating in this campaign?

What I learnt from it is reading regularly. Yeah, now I read, read and read the blogs. Reading blogs with higher Alexa ranking helps your blog to get higher Alexa ranking as well. So it helped me in getting higher rankings and I met many talented bloggers. It was interesting to know more about them and their success stories. It helped me to improve my writing and presenting skills as well. Consistency is really important for having a good ranking of a website. I didn’t have it and #Myfriendalexa helped me to bring back the consistency. As the campaign needed to post twice in a month at least, I planned and posted twice a week.

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5. How my blog Hellomomy is benefited by participating in this campaign

Now about my blog My blog’s stats improved drastically in this last month. Before participating in the campaign it was having a global rank of 23,63,244. And after the wonderful month of #Myfriendalexa it is now  6,72,125. It helped to get lovely comments from fellow bloggers and many new visitors.

Thank you team Blogchatter and #Myfriendalexa to help my blog reach his level.

So it was all about my journey with  #Myfriendalexa . If you are a blogger and looking to improve your Alexa rankings, then, go ahead and register on Blogchatter for #Myfriendalexa next season. It will help you to take your blog to next level.


  1. I have taken part in this challenge the second time and I am proud to say that yes it actually helps. We get to know many talented bloggers and read many good blogs which otherwise we would not bother to click.

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